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Lime Green Special Edition Nintendo 3DS XL now available

For all you Yoshi fanatics out there, Nintendo just released a special edition New Nintendo 3DS XL in Yoshi’s iconic Lime Green for $199.99 USD. Like all New Nintendo 3DS XLs,

Mega Yarn Yoshii amiibo back in stock March 20 at Toys ‘R’ US

Did you miss out on the Mega Yarn Yoshii amiibo the first time it was released at Toys ‘R’ US? Well, if you were patient enough not to spend a

Yoshi’s Woolly World will have Yoshi amiibo made from yarn

In today’s Nintendo Direct, a whole of assortment of amiibo figures were announced including some really cute and fluffy Yoshi amiibo made from yarn. With the release of Yoshi’s Woolly World,

Sonic enters Yoshi’s Island Zone in ​Sonic: Lost World

Sonic: Lost World took Sonic in a whole new direction. We first got a new zone of “NiGHTS into Dreams”, and today Nintendo and Sega released a new zone featuring Mario’s