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Halo 4 Limited Edition unveiled

Here are some more information of the Halo 4 Limited Edition. This will cost players $99.99 for purchase: UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet – Includes an armor customization schematic, a blueprint of

E3 2012: Enemy Front

  Enemy Front is an FPS that takes you back to World War II. When I saw this game I first thought this was Medal of Honor from back in

E3 2012 Hands-on: DogFight 1942

In DogFight 1942 you will be taking on missions in the game. During those missions a dogfight can break out, and you will need to be on the lookout or

E3 2012 Hands on: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

  I never played the first game on this series, but after playing the demo on this one, I may have to. In this game, you are a sniper being

Microsoft joins $187 billion revenue ad market, still charging monthly fee’s

Microsoft: $187 billion revenue in Xbox Live TV ads, still charging monthly fee’s

Xbox Live to Offer Live TV? Magic 8 Ball Says ‘Signs Point to Yes’

Microsoft may currently be in talks with both Comcast and Verizon to offer Xbox Live Gold Members pay TV programming. They are also in talks with possibly up to at

Gears of War 3 sells 3 million copies first week, drinks all around

Epic and Microsoft are in a good mood after it Major Nelson had announced that worldwide Gears of War 3 has shipped more than 3 million copies in its first

Xbox Live April Sales – Limbo, Shadow Complex, Capcom Games

There are plenty of good deals to find this week on Xbox Live. Perhaps coinciding with Capcom’s Captivate event, there are five Capcom games that are getting a 50% discount

Super Meat Boy Proves It’s Okay to be Indie and 2D – Nearly 600,000 Sales

Somehow, despite the difficulty of the game, Super Meat Boy has racked up a considerable amount of sales across Xbox 360 and Steam. According to an interview over at pocketful

XBL Deals of the Week: Battlefield 1943 50% Off

Major Nelson of Xbox Live has some deals for Battlefield players this week. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is getting a 50% discount on its Onslaught Mode and Vietnam expansion, which

Zynga Too Big for Xbox Live

Zynga is a giant in the social networking game market with games like Farmville and Mafia Wars. Zynga Chief Game Designer Brian Reynolds says Xbox Live is small potatoes. Zynga

Radiant Silvergun is Coming To Xbox Live in 2011 With New Features!

The Tokyo Game Show has only just begun, and already there’s some explosive news occurring as I’m writing this. Radiant Silvergun, which has been limited to the very niche Sega

Xbox Live 12 Months $29.99 & Halo: Reach Avatar Helmet

For those of you out of the loop, as of November 2010, Microsoft will be raising the price of its Xbox Live service by 10 dollars to make it $59.99

Why I’m Not Renewing My XBox Live Subscription

The thing that impressed me most with the original Xbox was something ridiculously simple; they decided to make a break-away cord (in case you tripped over it), so that your system wouldn’t go crashing to the ground (my original NES broke due to that. Thanks, bro). In addition to that, the controller’s cord was made much longer than other systems at 9 1/2 feet! These days we have wireless controllers, so this isn’t an issue anymore, but the reason it impressed me so much is that it showed that the people in charge of Xbox actually cared about the customers, and delved into what they might want. Nintendo’s Gamecube, on the other hand, had a cord that was about 6 feet; great for Japanese households, but not even close to sufficient for American ones. My current favorite thing about 360 is that it has the most ergonomic controller I’ve ever felt, and is one of the reasons I chose it over a PS3. Well, let’s now move on to my current negative feelings towards Microsoft and their Xbox 360.

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