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PlayStation Network and Xbox Live to be attacked on Christmas?

There’s something about DDOS attackers, video games and Christmas. Last year PlayStation Network and Xbox Live were attacked during Christmas, causing many players grief since they could not play or connect

PSN members get 10% discount and 5-day extension

Due to the Christmas PSN downtime many people, including folks from NR, were not able to play online during the Christmas holiday. Sony was not the only one affected by

The Call of Duty Championship returns to Los Angeles in March

Xbox fans and Call of Duty fanatics can look forward to a live stream of the Call of Duty Championship toward the end of March. The best of the best

Xbox Live goes down over the weekend

Well it appears that once again Microsoft’s gaming service Xbox Live was down. Microsoft’s support page began receiving numerous complaints over the weekend from many fans who were not able to

FBI investigates PSN and Xbox Live attack

It was a terrible Christmas for many gamers out there. Those who wanted to play online using their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 were very much out

PlayStation Network and Xbox down on Christmas, entrepreneur pleaded to attackers

Christmas day is a day where kids and adults are excited to open gifts. A lot of them will be getting a brand new console like the Xbox One or PlayStation

PlayStation Plus tops Xbox Live with free games in 2014

Here’s some interesting info that just came to light. Gaming news site Push Square compiled a list of the all the games PlayStation Plus had released for free during the course

Hackers target Xbox Live

Xbox Live had a brief moment of downtime last night. A hacker group has claimed that it was responsible for the outage, saying that it was doing a test run

Fans report Halo: The Master Chief Collection is full of bugs

343 Industries’ remastered Halo Collection was released earlier this week. The game allows players to revisit past Halo games remastered with the current technology of today. While the game has

Xbox One and Smite: What I want

Gamescom has brought exciting news, well at least exciting for me. Smite, a game near and dear to my heart, will make an appearance on the Xbox One and give

5-year-old boy bypasses Xbox’s security

When you’re a parent with an Xbox, you want to add security to the console to prevent your young child from accessing your files or games. Well, it looks like

Deal Alert: 12 months of Xbox Live for $39.99

Many of us budget conscious gamers know that the first rule about Xbox Live Gold is that you never pay full price for Xbox Gold. The trick is patience and

Sleeping Dogs and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light are free for a limited time for Xbox Live Gold members

I’m a huge fan of free games. I’m an even bigger fan of free games that are actually good. So far PlayStation Plus members have been getting a lot of

Get a backstage look at the new Contrast trailer

Contrast is just a few short weeks from releasing on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Steam. If you are a member of PlayStation Plus, you can be excited to

Xbox Live Gold free this weekend for NA and Japan

In a rare showing of actual customer consideration by a huge corporation, Microsoft has announced that it has enabled free access to Xbox Live Gold for Xbox 360 users in

Adam Orth resigned from Microsoft? Whaaat?

Well well well, if this isn’t karma then I don’t know what is. Remember Adam Orth? He’s Microsoft Creative Director for their next-gen console who pretty much insulted more than

Review: UFC on Xbox Live

Today we will take a look a UFC’s official app for the Xbox 360, UFC on Xbox Live. I have long been a huge fan of UFC since the early days

The mighty juggernaut, Modern Warfare 3, falls to Minecraft on Xbox Live

Minecraft, a game about building blocks, has topped Activision’s bread and butter, Modern Warfare 3, as the most played game on Xbox Live. Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. According to

The Walking Dead – Episode 3: “Long Road Ahead” is now available

If you happened to blink yesterday, then you probably missed the announcement that Telltale Games released Episode 3 for The Walking Dead on the PlayStation Network. Telltale announced the news

Halo 4 Specializations revealed

Halo 4 allows players to have specialized gears. Now we get an explanation of each Specialization. There are 8 Specializations that are found in Halo 4, and you can achieve

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