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Charlie Murder Review: Gaming’s little monster

When you first start off in Charlie Murder, you find yourself, literally, in Hell. You’re forced to figure out just what is going on while fighting off various demons and

Episode 3 of TellTale’s The Walking Dead might be available next week?

Are you ready for another emotionally exhausting adventure through TellTale’s The Walking Dead? I sure as hell am not. If you happened to stomach through the last 2 episodes you

Telltale announces more episodes of The Walking Dead and comments on Activision upcoming title

Telltale games just recently released Episode 2: Starved for help, 2 of 5 episodes scheduled to be released this year. The developer also recently confirmed that they would be releasing

Telltale’s The Walking Dead takes the #1 spot on Xbox Live Arcade

Major Nelson has just recently released the Top Purchased Games on Xbox Live Arcade and Telltale’s The Walking Dead is at the top of the list. Recently we reviewed the

Microsoft to Axe the MS Point System

According to Inside Mobile Apps, Microsoft will stop using the MS Point system by the end of the year for services including Xbox Live, Windows Phone and the Zune Marketplace.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Extended Reveal Trailer

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Extended Reveal Trailer