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X-Men: First Class Gets a Theatrical Trailer

Hey guys, here’s the theatrical trailer for X-Men: First Class. It uses the same intro and music as the previous trailers, but shows a lot more footage and extended bits,

A New Alternate X-Men: First Class Trailer

Here’s the new trailer for X-Men: First Class. To me, the trailer looks the same as the previous trailer, except with some different scenes with more special effects, and it’s

Some More ‘X-Men: First Class’ Posters and Photo

A couple of new posters and an image have surfaced for X-Men: First Class, starring Michael Fassbender as Magneto and James McAvoy as Professor X. The new posters show off

New Trailer for Bollywood’s Terminator/Iron Man Film Ra.One

Bollywood has been really upping their production value on their action films. Last year, Enthrian was the most expensive Indian movie ever made and it is now the highest grossing

New X-Men Anime Opening Hits the Net

Here’s the opening for the new X-Men anime coming out soon on G4. The first episode aired on Japan’s Animax satellite network on April 1st. And if you haven’t checked

Three New X-Men: First Class Empire Covers

We have three different X-Men: First Class covers for Empire Magazine. I feel sorry for subscribers, since they’ll be getting just the young Magneto and young Professor X cover. Others

X-Men 4 and 5 Coming and Deadpool Reboot

From the pages of the new Empire Magazine, we have news of sequels for the X-Men trilogy from producer Lauren Donner. “We took the treatment to Fox and they love

X-Men: First Class Roster Bio Details

Now here’s a bio for all the main mutants featured in the X-Men: First Class movie. Some of these mutants I haven’t heard of, like Angel Salvadore and Darwin. I’m

Nicholas Hoult Talks About Playing Beast Plus New Pic

Nicholas Hoult plays Beast before and after his transformation and answers questions to fans on how he is going to portray Hank McCoy. Fox has also released a new pic

New Fiery Image of Havok in X-Men: First Class

Here’s a new photo of Havok being surrounded by fire inside a room for the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie. He looks pretty calm in his sweats. Now this is

The Japanese Are Working on Their Own X-Men Cartoon

So Japan is getting their own X-Men treatment with an X-Men anime hitting Japan April 1st. Wolverine and Iron Man in anime form are being aired this summer on G4TV

Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw Looking Blue with New Image

Empire has got another exclusive with a new pic of January Jones as Emma Frost and Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw. Both characters are part of the Hellfire Club. The

New X-Men: First Class International Posters

Here are the international posters of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnssher, before they were both tough mofos. I like the reflection of them at the bottom, showing where they’re headed

Jennifer Lawrence on Looking Hot and Naked as Mystique in X-Men: First Class

Jennifer Lawrence has been doing the Hugh Jackman/Wolverine diet for her role as Mystique in X-Men: First Class. She said she doesn’t want to look like a little boy, but

Holy [email protected]#%, X-Men Anime Teaser Hits the Net

Hot damn, Madhouse is on a roll with Iron Man, Wolverine and now X-Men. Today, we finally get a first glimpse at the new X-Men Anime series. It’s been almost

Official ‘X-Men: First Class’ Movie Poster Giveaway!

Hey fans! It’s that time again.  We’d love to say thank you for being our fans, but sometimes words are not enough. Here’s our chance to give back to all

‘X-Men: First Class’ Director Freaks Out on Fox for Unapproved Promo Pic

So it seems that the bad “Photoshopped” promo pic of the cast of X-Men: First Class above wasn’t approved by Matthew Vaughn, the director for the film. He was freaking

X-Men: Destiny: New Game Revealed, But What Is It About?

Activision and Marvel have announced a new X-Men game called X-Men: Destiny. From the announcement, we’re not sure what kind of genre this is, but we do know that it’s

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: X-23 & Tron Bonne Announced with Art & Screenshots

TGS is in full force and Capcom has some new announcements and images to shower us with for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Capcom has officially announced X-23 and Tron Bonne.

Professor X and Magneto Gets Funky with the 60s

New details about the story for X-Men: First Class have surfaced, and it might be bad news for fans of X-Men. Aint It Cool talked to Bryan Singer, who’s producing