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The Rock Returns to the WWE in March

He left us! He f*cking left us! Following his Tag Team match with John Cena at Survivor Series, The Rock disappeared once again from WWE TV. Currently doing press junkets

John Cena Will Be Appearing on a Box of Fruity Pebbles

I’m sure The Rock is having a big laugh over this one. Just announced today, WWE superstar John Cena will be promoting with Post Cereals and will be appearing on

Macho Man Lives…in Skyrim?!

This is by far one of the weirdest Mods I’ve ever seen. I just caught word today that there is a new Mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that features

Chris Jericho Returns on Last Night’s WWE Raw

It all started with a viral video that left WWE fans trying to predict which Superstar wrestler was going to return and surprise the excited crowd for the new year.

WWE’s Zack Ryder Interview with Nerd Reactor About Being Internet Champion

Hey guys, Nerd Reactor’s Mike Villarreal had a chance to interview WWE’s Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder, and asked him questions about what it’s like to be an internet

Backstage Tension Between The Rock and CM Punk

Any doubts whether The Rock still has “it” were squashed this month during the pay-per-view Survivor Series. The Rock and John Cena put on a great match against The Miz and R-Truth. Of

Hugh Jackman Gets Harassed by WWE’s Dolph Ziggler

Can’t a guy just promote a robot fighting movie without being harassed by a United States Champion? That’s not the case on last night’s WWE RAW. Hugh Jackman came in

The Rock Returns to the Ring in THQ’s WWE ’12

While the “Great One” has been missing from WWE TV as of late, recently, The Rock revealed on his official Twitter account that he would not be waiting until Wrestlemania

Vince McMahon on Macho Man Randy Savage

In the upcoming June 6th issue of TIME Magazine, WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, writes a special guest article on the death of Macho Man Randy Savage. “It’s important in sports

Wrestlers and Friends Comment on The Death of Macho Man Randy Savage

Earlier today, the sad news broke that the world had lost one of it’s greatest entertainers. Macho Man Randy Savage had passed away at the age of 58. Many friends

The Macho Man Passes Away

Some very sad news this morning for many Wrestling fans. Macho Man Randy Savage has passed away. According to numerous reports, the Macho Man suffered a heart attack while he

The Rock Returns To RAW May 2nd

After his last appearance on Monday Night Raw and with Fast Five soon to hit theaters, many thought they had seen the last of “The People’s Champ.” Recently. American Airlines

Wrestlers Weigh-in on Edge’s Retirement on Twitter

Today, many are still reeling from the bombshell that Edge dropped last time on Monday Night Raw. After RAW went off the air, both Randy Orton and John Cena came

The Rock Makes a Guest Appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Today, The Rock joined Ellen Degeneres on her morning talk show. The Rock discussed his return to the ring and the character that made him what he is today. Rock

The Rock vs. John Cena Confirmed for Wrestlemania 28

Many fans were disappointed with the turn out of Wrestlemania 27. Many of the matches ran short and Bryan Danielson and Sheamus’s match was entirely cut from the Pay-per-view. Undertaker

Rey Mysterio Channels Captain America at Wrestlemania 27

Rey Mysterio may not be Chris Evans but at this years Wrestlemania, the veteran high flyer donned the classic Joe Simon’s Red, White and Blue, in his match against Cody

The Rock/John Cena Feud Begins

Last night, the time for talking was over. After weeks of verbal exchanges, The Rock and John Cena finally met in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw.

WWE Prepares For The Rock and John Cena Feud

Many fans have been spectacle about the return of The People’s Champ. Many believe that The Rock’s stint in the WWE is only limited  to his appearance at Wrestlemania and

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin May Co-Host SNL

With Wrestlemania just around the corner, there is a BIG rumor that The Texas Rattle Snake and The People’s Champ may co-host Saturday Night Live right before Pay-Per-View. NBC will

Wrestlers Weigh-In on The Rock’s Return

It seems like a giant bolt of electricity was sent through out the wrestling world last Monday night. Only one man can electrify millions of people around the world and