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John C. Reilly confirms Wreck-It Ralph 2 is coming

Walt Disney Animation Studios have been on quite a roll the past few years with their CGI films, with films like Frozen, Big Hero 6 and Zootopia all becoming successful

Wreck-It Ralph gets an Honest Trailer

With John C. Reilly confirming that Wreck-It Ralph 2 is happening in an interview with Collider, Screen Junkies has just released a new Honest Trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios’

Even more Disney princesses/heroines cosplaying as their significant others

Godohelp is at it again with even more artworks of Disney princesses dressing up as their male counterparts. Previously we had some including Jane as Tarzan, Jasmine as Aladdin, Ariel

Holy crap! Wreck-It Ralph redone as a live-action trailer

There are a lot of fan-made videos out there that attempts to recreate an animated movie or video game into real life. We’ve seen this with Far Cry 3 and

Here are the upcoming Disney animated films heading to Blu-ray and theaters in 2013

2013 should be a good year for Disney fans. Not only are we getting a bunch of classic Disney animated films from the past heading to Blu-ray, but also in

Wreck-It Ralph comes to Blu-ray March 3rd

Wreck-It Ralph was definitely one Top 10 movies of 2012. It had a great moving story and genuinely knew the source material. Earlier this week it was announced that Wreck-It

Wreck-It-Ralph director reveals how they got Sonic and many others in the movie

Wreck-It-Ralph did surprisingly well over the weekend at the box-office. The movie opened with a $49 million, setting the largest box-office opening ever for Disney Animation Studios. Yeah, you heard

Wreck-It-Ralph Review: a movie for gamers by gamers

The phrase “video game film adaptation” does not generally bring many fond memories for gamers. For years the world of movies and video games have struggled to co-exist with one

NR Podcast Review: Wreck-It-Ralph

With the slew of disappointing video games adapted to film, Wreck-It-Ralph is the shining glimpse of hope in the darkness that surrounds the video game film genre. Wreck-It-Ralph follows the

Vintage commercial of Fix-It Felix and Wreck-It Ralph found

Well look at what we have here. It looks like somebody has discovered a vintage commercial of the 1982 Litwak’s Arcade Commercial featuring the original Fix-It Felix, Jr. Game. Yep,

Sonic, M. Bison and Neff get their own spotlight in these Wreck-It Ralph posters

Disney is getting a lot of gamers excited by having the Wreck-It Ralph movie feature classic and popular video game characters. To add to that, the company has released three

Check out Sonic, M. Bison, Zangief, Dr. Robotnik, & Q*bert in new Wreck-It Ralph poster

Disney has released an awesome new poster for Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph is posing like a hero, and who do we see behind him? Iconic video game characters like Sonic the

Wreck-It Ralph: Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter’s Ken and Ryu confirmed

Disney has announced voice actors and new video game characters for its upcoming Wreck-It Ralph animated film including Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter’s Ken and Ryu. Voicing Sonic is Roger

CosCast 29: More Fanime, E3, Wreck-It Ralph, and is Nerd Culture Growing?

Join us in episode 29 of The CosCast with your hosts, Joey Rassool, Jordan Brown, Matthew Lewis, and Morgan Woods, as they talk about the world of cosplay. Conventions are

Wreck-It Ralph new teaser one sheet gets pixelated

Disney has released a new one-sheet poster for Wreck-It Ralph, the upcoming Disney animated film starring a video game villain trying to become a hero. As a gamer, I’m all

Disney’s video game parody Wreck-It-Ralph gets some new images

Here are some new images from Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph. Ever since we saw the preview of Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph at D23 Expo, we were excited about the project. Yeah, it’s got the

Wreck-It Ralph’s Hilarious Premiere at D23 Expo

To show that they have managed to become on par with PIXAR, Walt Disney Animation had a few surprises up their sleeve during the studio presentation at D23 Expo. One