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Awkward Conversations: Ep. 16: Gettin Awkward with America… Young

Join Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington and Nathan Angry Baby as the Awkward crew chat with powerhouse America Young about filmmaking and women in the industry. Oh, and we’ll get awkward, too. http://content.blubrry.com/awkwardconversations/ACAmerica.mp3 Awkward

Wraith of Love is no boys club production!

Let’s face it. Graphic novels and film are still heavily male based. And slowly with edgy projects being spearheaded by women, we are breaking that mold. One such production is

Ford Motor Company – Trend Conference (Day 2)

We recently covered the Ford event last week. Ford orchestrated an announcement during the breakfast of the second day. Teaming with Power Wheels, they created customized mini-F150 trucks for children.

Rise of the marshmallow girls: Meet Japan’s newest girl group ‘Chubbiness’

Yes, you are actually reading the title right. Set to debut in March, the 10 well-rounded girls of Chubbiness beat out over 3,500 applicants for a spot in the group, and are

Top 25 Badass Women of Science Fiction and Fantasy (Live action TV/Movies)

Picking out the most badass women of live-action TV/movie science fiction/fantasy characters was very difficult for us, but we were able to sit down together and pick them. We probably