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Contest: The Wizard of Oz T-shirt Giveaway

The Oscars is coming up this Sunday, and it’s going to have a very special tribute for The Wizard of Oz. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the classic tale, we

SDCC 2012: OZ the Great and Powerful

The room was packed, and if Sam Raimi wasn’t enough, two beautiful ladies, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams, were on stage. There were about a few hundred other press members in the room, and

SDCC: Oz The Great and Powerful trailer

As the people at San Diego Comic-Con wait in line and gets shoved into Hall H, you’ll be able to watch the premiere trailer for Disney’s Oz The Great and

Oz The Great and Powerful gets a beautiful poster art

Disney has released a new poster artwork from Oz The Great and Powerful. Now here’s hoping that the actual film will capture the beauty of this artwork. Oz the Great

Update: Wizard of Oz Remake with Robert Zemeckis Might Not Be a Good Idea

Update: TheWrap has reported that Robert Zemeckis’s publicist has denied the director’s involvement with the Wizard of Oz remake. Zemeckis will be focused on remaking the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine remake