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Will we see these two heroes go up against another hero in Captain America: Civil War?

While comic book fans are understandably anticipating the super fight between Batman and Superman next year, there’s another versus movie that’s coming out next year that is just as big.

Anthony Mackie will be the new Captain America post-Avengers 3?

Say waaaaaaaaaaah? *WARNING: May Contain Spoilers!* Some interesting news has surfaced yesterday dealing with who is next in line to wield Captain America’s shield after Chris Evans hangs up his tights. It

Captain America: The Winter Soldier end credit scenes revealed *SPOILERS*

Captain America: The Winter Soldier has yet to have a red carpet premiere, and already it seems like the end credit scene has been leaked. The release is just less

Captain America’s new suit? OH MY!

Recently released via our friends over at CBM, it looks like Captain America is going to be sporting some new threads in his next upcoming movie. I’m personally liking the