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Nikkei Claims ‘Cafe’ Has Touchscreen Controller

Can we now relax, finally knowing that Project Cafe does indeed have a touchscreen interface? Well, almost. Nikkei is claiming that the successor to the Wii throne has a touchscreen,

Nintendo Will Stream Its E3 Press Conference Live

Not everyone can go to E3, but luckily, the internet is a great alternative. Nintendo is making it just a little bit easier on everyone by announcing that they’re going

Video Leak of The Wii 2?

Eurogamer has just posted up an interesting video on their website. The video is a private presentation of Nintendo’s Project Cafe. In the video, slides of the controller specs are

Rumor: Project Cafe Has Only 8 GB of Internal Storage, Discs are 25 GB

For as long as I can remember, Nintendo has always done things to prevent their systems and games from being pirated. For the Nintendo 64, they opted to use expensive

Nintendo Will Build Up Third-Party Support for Wii’s Successor

Even with the Wii being as well sold as it has been, it has arguably the worst total system sales to quality third-party support ratio in the history of video

E3 2011’s Exciting List of Games

Okay, gamers, are you ready for E3 2011? Nintendo is set to unveil their “Project Cafe”, and the Wii will give one last bow. There are also bound to be

GTA V is a Launch Title for the Wii 2?

Chalk this up as one of the many rumors swirling around the Wii successor. The rumor going around is that Rockstar Games may be bringing its multimillion dollar franchise to

Is This The First Picture of The Wii 2?

There are a lot or rumors swirling around the internet about Nintendo’s next console. It was just announced today, the new system will be at this year’s E3 and will

Shigeru Miyamoto Shoots Down Project Cafe?

Shigeru Miyamoto, the almighty voice of Nintendo and power of a thousand suns, has spoken recently to French site, Gameblog, about “Project Cafe”. I have taken liberties to alter some

Nintendo Courting Rockstar for Wii 2 – Rumor

With all kinds of rumors flying through the internet about the Wii 2 and what kind of controller it will have, and how powerful it will be, this one is

Wii Successor?

Rumors have been flying about the mill that Nintendo will be announcing the successor to the Wii console at this year’s E3. ¬†Multiple sources claims that the new console will