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Season premiere of Westworld breathes new life in TV Western genre (review)

It seems that 2016 may be the year for the Western revival. As we draw closer to Oscar season, many studios have done their due diligence, and have made strong

Orient City, a violent 2D-animated samurai Western flick

Now here’s something that I just had to share with our readers. There’s a new 2D-animated short film in the works called Orient City: Ronin and the Princess from creators

Zack Snyder throws jabs at Marvel via Spielberg’s comments on superhero movies

In a recent article, Steven Spielberg gave his thoughts about the surge of superhero movies taking over Hollywood. He stated that the genre would eventually run out of steam and

Legend of Zelda meets Spaghetti Western in Hang Em Hyrule (fan film)

Beat Down Boogie, the guys that brought us Super Mario Warfare, has finally released its Legend of Zelda Western fan film, Hang Em Hyrule. If you’re a fan of Legend of

5 reasons to take interest in ‘Pacific Rim’

I should mention that I am not a fan of Japanese Kaiju films. I don’t have anything against them really, but as a fan of monster movies, they didn’t really

Looks like we have a Hyrulian standoff with this Zelda/Western mashup

So The Game Station YouTube channel has a 3-part web miniseries headed our way called Fistful of Rupees. It’s heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and

Deadlands Comic to Hit Bookselves in June

This June a new wild weird west comic by Image Comics will be making its way to the bookselves based on the role playing world of ‘Deadlands’.  The world of ‘Deadlands’ combines

American Vampire Review

In this comic book, which was previously reported in Narvin’s post, vampires revert back to the days of vicious, hungry, and human blood drinking vampires. As it is now, the