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Homestar Runnner releases new Strong Bad Email!

It’s hard to believe that it has almost been six years since Strong Bad has dusted off his Compy and answered a few emails. Last year creator Matt Chapman revealed plans to

NSFW version of gritty Power Rangers fan film is back online!

You asked for it and your voices have been heard! Despite the disapproval of both Saban and Jason David Frank, the violent Power Rangers short has finally been posted back

Hackers takes down Facebook and Instagram

People will be talking about this for weeks. Grandparents will tell their grandchildren the dark tale of the day a hacker group shut down Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM and Hipchat. The

Not an April Fool’s Joke: Homestar Runner is coming back!

Hold on to your “Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes” and prepare for things to get “Dangeresque” because Strong Bad and all his pals are coming back! Earlier this year, fans of the

Sad Batman is sad

Leave it to the internet to take something cool and turn it something even better. This past Monday, Zack Snyder set the geek world on fire when he posted a

If real life had lag, this is what it would look like

Lag can certainly be the vain of an online user’s online existence. Wither it is playing video games or just trying to watch a funny cat video on YouTube, nothing

Ray William Johnson says goodbye to Equals Three

After nearly 400 episodes, Ray William Johnson is saying goodbye to the show that launched his career. The announcement was made last month that Ray would no longer host the

Street Fighter’s Ryu featured in Turkish auto insurance commercial

Now there’s something you don’t see every day. A new video has popped up online for the “world renowned” insurance company, Anadolu Sigorta.”Did you say Anadolu Sigorta?” Yes, I did say Anadolu Sigorta.

TIME Magazine reveals how much time you’ve wasted on Facebook

Facebook is nearing its tenth anniversary. It’s hard to believe that nearly ten years ago Mark Zuckerberg launched the social network inside a dorm with a couple of friends. 1

A Death Battle between Godzilla and Gamera?

The people over at Screw Attack’s Death Battle are still reeling from the massive amount of response they got from fans over the highly controversial episode featuring the fight between

Ray William Johnson is leaving Maker Studios

You can’t possibly navigate YouTube and not know Ray William Johnson or his show Equals Three. Ray dropped a bombshell Thursday night during the release of one of his weekly videos. He

Pixar with a dash of hardcore violence: Taken Nemo

Don’t you just love Finding Nemo? Well I sure do. The touching story about a father and his amazing journey to reunite with his son…good times. But don’t you think

Titty Tuesday – Ghost Tits feat. Olivia Munn

Titty Tuesday – Ghost Tits feat. Olivia Munn

Batman rages all over Robin’s nipples in The Dark Knight Rages

It’s no secret that the watchful protector of Gotham City has some anger issues. Maybe he needs counseling? Maybe he just needs a hug? The last thing he needs is

Facebook real-time analytics, advertising tools, & timeline layout for all pages

Facebook beefed up their revenue generating monster machine a little more with their new real-time analytics platform embedded in Pages Insights,. Also announced yesterday was the future of online marketability with Facebook Pages, Reach

WWE Champion CM Punk calls out singer Chris Brown

Never afraid to speak his mind and start controversy, WWE star CM Punk released a video on Twitter today aimed at R&B singer Chris Brown. It all started when a

Let’s buy Facebook – IPO

Let’s Buy Facebook – IPO – Disney is with children, Facebook is to internet connectivity

Anonymous Attacks MPAA, RIAA, DOJ, BMI, & HADOPI

Anonymous Attacks MPAA, RIAA, DOJ, BMI, & HADOPI

Megaupload.com is Mega Gone!

Megaupload.com is Mega Gone!

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