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5 Easter eggs you may have missed in Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs includes some celebrity cameos and many Easter eggs. Below are just but a few that can be found in the open world of Chicago. There may be more, but these

The Art of Watch Dogs (review)

Titan Books has released the Art of Watch_Dogs, an in-depth look at the art behind the open-world game where hacking is your ally. The 144-page art book includes commentary by

Watch Dogs sells 4 million copies in just one week

Watch Dogs was released last week, and it has already sold 4 million copies. That’s pretty impressive for a new IP and it also sets a new record. According to

Watch Dogs attacked by Glenn Beck for teaching gamers to hack in real life

Watch Dogs is a video game by Ubisoft that allows the player to hack into almost anything in the city of Chicago. Now conservative commentator Glenn Beck is attacking the game

Watch Dogs review

Watch Dogs is a game that received just as much hype from its debut trailer as it has received disdain with the recent graphical downgrade for next-gen consoles. Ubisoft has advertised to us a dynamic

Watch_Dogs stunt fails as bomb squad gets involved

There are bad PR moves, and then there are bad PR moves. The recent one involves Ubisoft and a bomb squad getting involved. According to multiple sites, Ubisoft sent a package to an

Here’s what it would be like if you can hack, Watch Dogs-style

Ubisoft recently released a prank video featuring random people believing that a phone app can hack into the city, turning off lamp posts and changing traffic lights. Now they have teamed

Conan’s Clueless Gamer plays Watch Dogs

Conan O’Brien recently got the chance to play Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, a game that literally lets you control the city of Chicago, for his Clueless Gamer segment. Thanks to a

Watch Dogs gets a launch trailer

After a crowd-pleasing trailer during E3 a couple of years ago, Watch_Dogs is almost here. It has been met with some criticism after that, with gamers being harsh on the game’s “next

Hack real-life street lights and cars with Watch Dogs app

In Watch Dogs, you have the power to hack electronic devices, from changing the colors of the traffic lights to hacking surveillance cameras, all in the palm of your hand.

Gamers mad at Ubisoft’s reveal of PS4’s Watch Dog’s resolution and frame rate

We recently covered the news that the PlayStation 4 version of Watch_Dogs was going to be in 1080p and running at 60 frames per second. Well, in a new update

Watch_Dogs gets the ultimate guide trailer

Watch_Dogs is coming out this month, and Ubisoft has released a new video that pretty much is the ultimate guide trailer that features the many things we can do in

Watch_Dogs boasting 60 FPS on PlayStation 4

Update: In a new blog post from Ubisoft, it’s now confirmed that the PS4 version will be 30 FPS at 900p. Watch_Dogs is set to release on May 27th. As

New Watch_Dogs trailer features Aiden’s partners in crime

Check out the new character trailer for Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs. Some of these characters are friends of Aiden Pearce, and some are enemies. They all have the ability to move outside

Watch_Dogs season pass details

Can you believe that Watch_Dogs is coming out very soon? To imagine that it was only just two years ago that Ubisoft wowed gamers worldwide with the E3 2012 gameplay

Watch_Dogs multiplayer gameplay shows you how to hack players

Ubisoft has released a 9-minute gameplay trailer complete with commentary showing how multiplayer works in Watch_Dogs. The game will feature 3 different online modes including Online Hacking Contracts, ctOS Mobile

The city of Chicago comes to life in latest Watch_Dogs video

Check out the new video for Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs featuring the city of Chicago coming to life. The many citizens of Chicago brings the city to life by giving us many

Watch_Dogs release date set and new trailer

Watch_Dogs was teased to us back in 2012, and that was before the Xbox One and PS4 was officially announced. That E3 trailer looked beautiful when it ran on what

*UPDATED* Watch Dogs trademark abandoned by Ubisoft

  *Update* Well looks like someone really wanted to screw with Ubisoft as [email protected] emailed Ubisoft to confirm that the trademark name for Watch Dogs was dropped after being signed by the

Check out how open the world is in this Watch Dogs 14-minute gameplay video

Check out the new 14-minute Watch Dogs gameplay video showing off the open world of Chicago. We also get a glimpse of the multiplayer action that gets incorporated into the

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