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Ubisoft plans on Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and Rabbids movies

Ubisoft Motion Pictures is already going ahead with making two of its properties, Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, into movies. Tom Hardy is attached to play Sam Fisher and Michael

Watch_Dogs’ E3 demo shows off car chases and mobile player integration

Check out the walkthrough demo video for Watch Dogs that was shown during the Ubisoft E3 Press Conference. In the demo, we get to see Aiden Pearce in the city

Not 4, not 5, but 6 minutes of new Watch Dogs gameplay footage

Here’s a new lengthy gameplay footage of Watch Dogs. We get 6 minutes of Aiden Pearce walking around the city, shopping, sneaking around, spying on people, stopping crime, driving fast

Watch Dogs gets some new screenshots including new character Clara Lille

Ubisoft has been releasing a lot of videos for Watch Dogs, but the one thing they haven’t really released are screenshots. Today, they have released 6 new screenshots featuring Aiden

Developing Watch Dogs for the PlayStation 4

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will be available for all the major consoles, but I’m looking forward to how it is going to look on the PlayStation 4. Sony has released a

New Watch Dogs trailer and release date announced

“They think I’m a man out of control. But I’ve never had so much control.” – Aiden Pearce Watch Dogs is one of those upcoming games I can’t get enough

The ctOS is watching you in Watch Dogs

Aiden Pearce is a very special vigilante in the city of Chicago. He can hack anything he wants thanks to his smartphone. From stopping trains to invasion of privacy, he’s

Watch Dogs gets a box art cover

Ubisoft has revealed the box art cover for the anticipated open-world game where you can hack into almost anything. Taking place in the city of Chicago, you’ll be able to

Ubisoft’s Watch Dog gets new gameplay footage and will be available this year

Ubisoft went on stage for the PlayStation Meeting 2013 to showcase the hotly anticipated title, Watch Dogs. The coolest news is that we now know that the game will be

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs gameplay trailer wows

It seems all we’ve been hearing at E3 so far are sequels, premiums and whatever new fancy marketing words the big companies like to conjure up. At Ubisoft’s Press Conference,