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Ubisoft patches Watch Dogs 2 after gamer was banned over sharing nudity

Watch Dogs 2 is a rated M game that features violence and nudity. However, Ubisoft will have to patch a certain NPC character in the game due to a recent

New Watch Dogs 2 trailer

New Watch Dogs 2 trailer, “Welcome to San Francisco,” has Marcus showing us around the Bay Area. It also shows off some gameplay. The trailer looks spectacular in showing all

Watchdogs 2 gameplay walkthrough shows off new features and game modes

The first Watch Dogs game was great in concept, but delivery fell a bit short. To me, the campaign felt slightly lacking and once the completed, the multiplayer was shallow

Videogame BANG! Ep. 140: Shiny Grass Mods w/ Karla Von Guerra

What’s up, Pizzas! This week we have a great episode chalk-filled with Super Delegates and Bern Feeling… But seriously we have a loaded episode as we are preparing mentally for

Watch Dogs 2 officially announced and is set in San Francisco

Yesterday, a new cinematic trailer for Watch Dogs 2 was released by Ubisoft along with an 18 minute video showcasing the development as well as new gameplay. The first Watch Dogs was released

Watch Dogs 2 teaser shows ‘exciting’ footage of hacker swiping on phone

Okay, so that headline contains sarcasm. Watch Dogs 2 is coming, and Ubisoft has released a teaser trailer to hopefully get gamers hyped up for the world premiere of the

Watch Dogs 2 to have new main character?

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs stars Aiden Pearce, but in the sequel, it may have a new protagonist sporting hipster glasses and a baseball cap. NerdLeaks was able to capture an image

Ubisoft currently working on Watch Dogs 2?

Watch Dogs was a highly anticipated title from Ubisoft that featured hacking, shooting, and an open world city of Chicago. When it was released, many gamers felt disappointed, since the