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Walmart will be setting up drive-in theaters on its parking lots

Drive-in theaters have been soaring in popularity this year due to the current pandemic, and it gave moviegoers a chance to revisit classic films as well as some new ones.

Walmart Canada leak lists Splinter Cell, Borderlands 3, Gears of War 5, Just Cause 4

Oh yes, it’s time for a big online retailer to accidentally spill the beans on unannounced games again, and this time it’s coming from Walmart Canada. With E3 2018 on

Top 5 Black Friday deals of 2015

Dismantle wallets, yes? It’s that time of year again, where families gather to celebrate the conquest of our ancestors over this country’s true natives. A time to feast upon the

Walmart leaks Xbox One Elite?

The big conglomerate Walmart may have spilled the beans on a Microsoft Xbox One bundle by posting a listing for a console called Xbox One Elite. This year at E3

Golden Mario amiibo looking to be a Walmart exclusive

When Nintendo released the amiibo NFC line back in November in North America, no one could expect just how sought after the figures would become. With the releases of wave

Walmart extends price match, scammers target PS4

The Internet has been buzzing the last few days. Apparently, Walmart has extended their online price match policy to include Amazon and other online sites. As soon as the news hit,

New Skylanders mini characters and an exclusive Wal-Mart pack

If you are a collector of Skylander figures or are a gamer with kids, you definitely want to know about the newest toy available for pre-order. First, Activision recently released a

Walmart joins in on the used video game market

Walmart There are a lot of used video games out there, sitting in people’s homes and collecting dust. Video game stores like GameStop have been reigning supreme in the used

Walmart to have more PS4s and cheaper video game deals starting Friday, December 13th

If you wanted to get another good deal after Black Friday during the holiday season, then Walmart has something for you. Starting this Friday on December 13th at 8am, the


Yes, I went with the Independence Day reference. But that’s besides the point. TWINKIES ARE BACK! So now starting Friday (or earlier if you’re one of the few who happens