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Norman Reedus to riot if Daryl dies in The Walking Dead

During an interview with Variety, Normal Reedus talked about his new show Ride with Norman Reedus, as well as a little bit about The Walking Dead. He wasn’t able to absolutely confirm anything, but

Walking Dead teaser trailer released

AMC has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming season of Walking Dead. In it we see the gang walk in the woods then shooting/slashing at zombies (at least I

5th Annual Nerd HQ back during Comic-Con

The return of Nerd HQ by The Nerd Machine was dependent upon the fans’ contribution to the crowdfunding project promoted by Zachary Levi. Last year was the first time it

Reaction to Walking Dead’s ‘Look at the Flowers’ (SPOILERS)

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was, in my opinion, one of the best and darkest episodes of this second half of the season (that’s not saying much). Most

Phat Collectibles’ Walking Dead screening party in Orange County

Phat Collectibles is a staple of the nerd community in Southern California and offers some of the best community events around! The store recently organized a Walking Dead screening party

The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 1 review

Before I go into detail on The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 1, some of you might remember an article I wrote (Top 20 Comic Book Heroes) where I gave Bigby

HUGE Walking Dead casting announcement could mean…

There’s a HUGE Walking dead casting announcement that was unveiled during New York Comic-Con, meaning there are some big changes to The Walking Dead story line. I remember reading a few

McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Series 3 Figures review

McFarlane Toys has now released the 3rd generation of The Walking Dead figures that are both extremely detailed and life-like. Priced at the very affordable tag of $14.99 on sites

The Walking Dead season 3.5 promo photos: spoilers

Entertainment Weekly has posted some photos for the upcoming season. It contains a spoiler for the midseason finale regarding the Dixon brothers. The Governor reunited Merle with Daryl and it

NR Contest: Guess Who the Walking Dead Characters Are

Update: Day 5 picture released and we’ve announced the winners for the contest. See that partial Walking Dead pic up there? It’s the first of five pictures we’re going to

First Look at Walking Dead Season 2! Woo!!!

The zombie hordes have returned and AMC has just released the first video sneak peek at this season’s Walking Dead. Last season ended with a bang when the CDC Center

Amazing Fan-Made WALKING DEAD Title Sequence

The new AMC series is just around the corner, and apparently Daniel Kanemoto could not wait til Halloween. The Walking Dead fan took it upon himself to make his own

Run For Your Lives! It’s the New Walking Dead Trailer

AM I THE ONLY PERSON EXCITED ABOUT THIS SHOW?! The trailer that was shown at Comic-Con has finally popped up on the internet. The graphic novel adaptation will be directed