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Xbox One controller support coming to Samsung Gear VR

Recently Microsoft has shared its plans to bring the Xbox wireless connectivity to PCs, and other gaming accessories, with the Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Y710 Cube being the first to receive this feature.

American Horror Story spooks people with Fearless VR experience

Although we still have no clue about the new American Horror Story theme (I feel like I say this way too often), they had some cool stuff to get us

SDCC 2016: Resident Evil Kitchen VR Demo

San Diego Comic Con is in full swing and just like at E3 earlier this summer Capcom has stolen the show in the video game portion of the showroom floor.

Nintendo NX to feature VR?

If you were following E3 at all this year then you know that Nintendo said nothing about the mysterious Nintendo NX, even though it is slated to release in March

Where you can try the PlayStation VR for yourself

If you were paying attention to E3 at all this year, then you know that VR dominated most of the attention. It seemed like each major press event had some

E3: 5 moments from the Big 2

Every year around this time at E3, the Big 3 video game companies take their time to show off their wares and upcoming products. Both, Sony and Microsoft, held their conference events

Patrick Osborne on ‘Pearl’ VR-animated short and life after Disney

“Pearl” is the latest animated short from animator and director Patrick Osborne (Disney’s “Feast”). It follows the relationship of a father and his daughter throughout the years as they pursue their

Get scared with a virtual reality experience from The Conjuring 2!

With the recent release of the HTC Vive, the latest VR headset that has engrossed our culture with its technological and home entertainment opportunities, many companies and industries have tried

GDC 2016: Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine will make you feel like a Jedi

I’m literally one of the biggest Star Wars fans on the planet; I even have tattoos to prove it. So when Unreal and Epic Games asked us to check out

GDC 2016: Raw Data – multiplayer VR combat first impressions

VR seems to be the new technological platform that gaming will be on. So far, there’s been so many great games, but the one thing that feels lacking, is multiplayer.

GDC 2016: Thunderbird brings on some Myst nostalgia

I’ve always been a long-time fan of puzzle games, ever since playing Myst on PC years ago. It would only be natural that I’d play the next evolution of this

GDC 2016: CoLab first impressions

CoLab is a VR puzzle solver set in a virtual labyrinth coming soon to anyone who owns any of the following: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or the Samsung Gear VR.

Hands-on with Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight VR game

Ubisoft is known for action games featuring a one-man army like Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Far Cry and Watch Dogs. Now its upcoming virtual reality game, Eagle Flight, will depart

Valve and HTC’s Vive will cost you $799

The Oculus Rift will be available to consumers in March for $599. If you thought that was pricey for the virtual reality tech, wait until you see the price for

CES 2016: Oculus Rift ships March 28 at $599

After years of waiting, we’re finally given a release date on the most anticipated gaming peripheral of the decade, Oculus Rift. March 28, 2016 is when first shipments of the

Climb the infamous Mount Everest virtually

While I don’t ever see myself climbing Mount Everest in real life, I was able to do the next best thing, reach the top of the world’s highest summit virtually, thanks to Everest

Opinion: Do we need VR?

The idea for virtual reality has been around for quite some time in the video game world. Sony, in their latest presentation, showed off what their future for VR is

Ubisoft wants to make you a virtual Assassin?

Ubisoft is currently looking into how to bring their titles into the world of virtual reality. During a call discussing the quarterly earnings, CEO Yves Guillemot discussed Ubisoft’s interest in the

The Oculus SDK v0.3.2 Preview 2 has been released!

As of now May 22, 2014, developers will have access to the Oculus SD v0.3.2. This is a huge step for the device as its key updates include: Preview ReleaseOculus