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PSX 2015: YIIK is the postmodern RPG we’ve been waiting for

I’ve been legitimately concerned these past few years about the lack of hipsters in modern RPGs, but not nearly as much as Ackk Studios who’ve decided to take it upon

PSX 2015: Severed will make you squirm

You may know Drinkbox Studios for their hit indie game, Guacamelee!, which featured a spunky art-style complete with comedic dialogue and zany characters. Their next title, Severed, takes a slight turn from that, and by

Amnesia: Memories (PC Review)

What would you do if you woke up one day unable to remember your name and your life? Who would you trust? Idea Factory’s Amnesia: Memories is a graphical novel

Hands-on preview: Poncho, the side-scrolling game with the three-plane system

I’ve only played a good 15 minutes of Delve Interactive’s upcoming game Poncho and I can already say that it is one of the most unique platformers I have ever

E3 2015: Find your destiny wherever you go in Zodiac

While many games at E3 are shown off on giant screens and others are shown on the show floor with demo stations, there remains games like Zodiac that are only

1001 frustrations! 1001 Spikes (PC review)

So the Dark Soul series has kicked your butt all over the gaming world, and you seem to enjoy the tedious difficulty that it brings, but you want something new

REBORN – Mixing Japanese legends with the cyberpunk genre

Founded in 2010, Elemental-Labs, Inc. was led by Franz Tissera and his vision of what would become “REBORN“. Gathering various top-notch talent, Franz and his team understood that quality story, concepts,

EPIX App coming to PlayStation 3 & Vita

EPIX has been branching out to every media device possible. You can get the EPIX app on iOS, Android, Google TY, XBOX, and many others. The app will be available

PS3 & Vita bundle not a bad idea

In an interview with CVG, Fergal Gara, managing director of PlayStation UK said, “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t create a ‘Vita plus PS3’ bundle.” I for one would love

Tales from Space: Mutant Blob Attacks!!! PS Vita Review

A mysterious lab houses a large amount of small alien blobs. They are locked up and used for experiments, making our main blob the least happiest blob on Earth. Thanks

Who needs a Green Thumb when you have a Vita? Plants vs. Zombies Review

Zombies are attacking all over and they are trying to eat every brain in the neighborhood, especially in your backyard. What are you going to do? How about laying down

Nyko Gaming alongside Yo Gabba Gabba!

In gaming there are so many accessory options and dozens of companies to boot, it sometimes can become hard to choose. Nyko has been an established name in gaming accessories

Sony VITA Special Launch Day Bundle Announced and an Added Bonus for First Edition Adopters

Today Sony announced two bundles that will be available for the PlayStation VITA, one for people who pre-ordered the VITA First Edition Bundle and another one for people who plan on

Sony’s Vita Portable Gets a Release Date

Today in San Francisco, Sony’s President, Jack Tretton, announced at the Web 2.0 event that the Vita would be releasing in early 2012; February 22nd, to be exact. That date

PlayStation Vita Impresses at Tokyo Game Show

Earlier today during the Sony Press Conference at the Tokyo Game Show, the latest portable baby in the PlayStation family took the center stage. New features were boasted and the

You got some Relius=Clover in my BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Vita Trailer

One thing about fighting games recently is that they are getting re-released versions of games in form of DLCs. Some even make you buy a new game altogether (annoying, we

PSP VITA Specs and Screenshots

While there is still no firm release date for the U.S. or Japan version for the VITA, what we do know is that Japan will see the release sometime before

E3: UTV Ignition: The Art of ‘Dragon’s Crown’

While visiting E3, I stopped by the UTV Ignition Booth to see what they had up their sleeves for the future. It is safe to say the most visually stunning

E3: Did Sony’s Press Conference Bring It After Its Hectic Outage?

Sony’s press conference at E3 2011 had tons of new information that spanned not only just current and upcoming hardware, but also software and the all mighty PlayStation Network. Much

This Will Probably be the New Name for the NGP

A few days ago, Kotaku broke the story about the page source code on Sony’s website about a product named “PS Vita”, article here. Now, we are all waiting for