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Why There’s Hope for Amy Hennig’s New Star Wars Game

Amy Hennig’s list of credits includes co-writer, co-designer and director for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and head writer and creative director for the Uncharted series. When it was announced

Visceral’s ‘Uncharted’ Star Wars game was further in development before its cancelation

It was a sad day when EA decided to scrap Visceral Games. This, in turn, resulted in the cancelation of its third-person action Star Wars game, codenamed “Ragtag.” The game’s

Visceral gets support after EA changes plan for Star Wars game

Electronic Arts has been getting a lot of flak for shutting down Visceral Games, the team behind Dead Space. The developer was working on a third-person action adventure Star Wars

E3: Star Wars projects update from EA, Respawn, Visceral and more

During its E3 press conference, EA delivered an update on its strategy for the Star Wars games. As well as a verbal update from Jade Raymond, we were also shown a short

Nolan North says Visceral Games’ Star Wars game to have Uncharted style

With Disney giving EA the reigns on the big Star Wars games, that allowed the video game publishing giant to have more power to produce all kinds of different games

E3 2014: Battlefield Hardlines interview with Thaddeus Sasser

EA’s presence is always strong at E3. This year it had titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition, Sims 4, the upcoming EA sports titles, and a trailer for the new Mirror’s Edge game

Another Battlefield Hardline leak reveals police bikes and other vehicles

Apparently someone over at EA and DICE seriously needs to be fired. This would be the third leak for Battlefield Hardline in less than a month’s time. The first big

Battlefield: Hardline trailer leaks online!

Literally just hours after it was confirmed that the next Battlefield game would center around cops and criminals, the trailer for the new title was leaked online. Even though the

Uncharted’s Amy Hennig joins Dead Space developer for new Star Wars game

Fans of the Uncharted series should find this piece of news interesting. After hearing about Amy Hennig, former writer for the Uncharted series, leaving Naughty Dog, many were wondering where

Disney drops LusasArts to team up with EA; DICE and Visceral to create Star Wars games

When Disney bought out Lucasfilm, one of the things on their to do list was to abandon LucasArts. Gamers and Star Wars fans worldwide were disappointed, because they were afraid

Dead Space 3 review – In space no one can hear you sigh

Dead Space has been one of the biggest Survival Horror franchises in recent history. Some would say it has far surpassed its predecessors like Resident Evil. Having played and reviewed the

Review: The Art of DEAD SPACE

We recently received a new art book from Titan Books that explores the perverse horrific world of Dead Space. “The Art of Dead Space” gives an in-depth look at the art behind

Dead Space 3 launch trailer gives the good kind of chills

You have to admit, directors are getting better and better with the use of live action filming for video game trailers, and the launch trailer for Dead Space 3 shows

Dead Space 3 Gamescom trailer is horrific, retains series’ atmosphere

Thanks to the addition of a co-op mode, many of the heavily invested Dead Space fans have been worried that Dead Space 3 was going too far into action territory.

NR Interview with Dead Space 3 producer Shereif Fattouh

Dead Space is a series that started off fairly well. It wasn’t a good enough start for EA, but the series has been picking up steam. Now with the inclusion

E3 2012: Does Dead Space 3 cooperate with fans’ wants?

In the eyes of many, the Dead Space series has taken the survival horror crown away from Resident Evil. Dead Space 2 turned a bit more towards the action, increasing

Dead Space 3’s first screenshots, Co-op inbound

Why do I get the feeling that fans of the Dead Space series are going to get a little upset over seeing these screenshots? Oh, right, co-op; though word on

Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Revealed, Finally

Visceral Games has been hinting at multiplayer, but at the same time deftly dodging any questions regarding it. I’ve suspected for a long time that there would be a humans