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Weekend BANG! Episode 36: ‘Splosions feat. Freddie Wong

The Weekend Wang is here with Sir Aaron Carter at the helm with Cory, Alex and Steven all riding shotgun. As awkward as their lap sitting situation is, it doesn’t

Interview with Freddie Wong on Video Game High School’s final season

Nerd Reactor got Cory and I a one-on-two with Freddie Wong himself, and we got a little insight on the upcoming third and final season of the awesome web series,

Video Game High School Season 2 Premiere Party video and photos

This week was the release of the first 30-minute episode of the new season of Video Game High School. With the success of the last season (mainly due to the

NR on the set of Freddie Wong’s Video Game High School Season 2

NR’s Joey Rassool heads out to the YouTube Studio in Playa Vista, CA and catches up with Freddie Wong and writer Matt Arnold, who are currently working on Video Game

Video Game High School first episode is online

Freddie Wong and crew have been busy working on a big Kickstarter project called Video Game High School, and now episode 1 is here. There are 10 episodes total and

Screenshots from Freddie Wong’s Video Game High School

Freddie Wong is a big gamer at heart and uses his gift as a filmmaker to give us awesome and funny YouTube shorts inspired by video games. Now he is