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Vampyr review: The struggle of saving a city and being a vampire

Vampyr is the latest game from Dontnod Entertainment, the developer behind Life Is Strange and Remember Me. The third-person action RPG tells the tale of a newly turned vampire trying to save London

Becoming the Monster Vampyr trailer

Out from the shadows comes a gameplay trailer for the upcoming action-RPG Vampyr. Since its last story trailer a month ago, the new Vampyr trailer showcases some of the combat

Vampyr story trailer features creepy cover of ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’

Dontnod Entertainment, the studio behind Life Is Strange, is busy working on the action-RPG, Vampyr, for Focus Home Interactive. A new story trailer has been released, and it shows our protagonist, Dr.

Vampyr: Killing NPCs will impact the gameplay and story

Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive have just released a new episode from the Vampyr behind-the-scenes web series titled “Human After All.” Here you will learn about how important the NPCs

Vampyr’s ‘Darkness Within’ trailer has the town talking about the mysterious Dr. Reid

Vampyr is the next game by Dontnod Entertainment, the team behind the critically acclaimed Life Is Strange. Publisher Focus Interactive has released a new cinematic trailer, “Darkness Within,” which features the

Vampyr E3 trailer leaked early and looks bloodsuckingly good

  Vampyr, the new game from Life is Strange studio Dontnod, is due to appear at E3 this year. The game is set in London, in the year 1918 as

Life Is Strange devs release screenshots for new action-RPG, Vampyr

Dontnod Entertainment, the developer behind the refreshing Life Is Strange, is working on a new action-RPG called Vampyr. We’ve got a few screenshots here giving you a peek at the