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Left 4 Dead 2 available for free on Steam

‘Tis the season for giving, and Valve is doing just that with a Christmas gift everyone can enjoy. The company is doing their part in spreading holiday cheer by giving

Team Fortress #2 – Unhappy Returns

With Christmas almost here, Valve is really unloading everything, from incredible sales to the latest issue of their Team Fortress 2 comic series, Unhappy Returns. Picking up where it last

Xi3’s Piston is NOT a Steam Machine, no Valve support

As much confusion and term-assignment this product has had, it can only be overshadowed by our former president, G.W.Bush. Even good ol’ Dubbaya couldn’t describe exactly what the Piston is

Xi3’s PISTON to be the first Steambox

We remember Xi3 from CES 2013 in early January. An array of micro-form-factor PCs populated the booth in a colorful spectacle of future PC access. One such machine stood out

Steam Universe part 3: The Steam Controller

Valve’s final announcement is the Steam Controller. Two circular trackpads and an LCD touch screen position themselves neatly on the front of the pad. Valve is confident that this will

Team Fortress #1 – Ring of Fired

Hey! You! Yeah you! I see you sitting there eating that bag of Cheetos. GET OVER HERE NOW! READ THIS! (http://www.teamfortress.com/tf01_ring_of_fired/) READ THIS AND TELL ME THIS IS NOT THE

Steelseries partners with Valve: Introducing the Siberia V2 DOTA 2 Edition and Mousepads.

While I will admit that DOTA 2 isn’t my favorite MOBA at this time (Primeworld all the way), it is still an amazing game with some of the most stunning

TF2 Workshop pays creators big bucks apparently

Turns out that fan fiction can pay off. Literally. Fans of Team Fortress 2 who have been creating and submitting content (thanks to Valve’s Workshop) have actually been getting paid

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot to bring Half-Life and Portal to the big screen

J.J. Abrams is quite the busy man isn’t he? Currently he’s finishing post-production on Star Wars Trek, then it’s onto Star Trek Wars: Episode VII. Now Variety’s Marc Graser is

Valve Steam-powered PC coming: Xi3

Looks like Valve is going to join the fray in the PC world and not just via Steam. They are going to have their own PC. Valve has invested a

Del Toro confirms intentional Portal reference in Pacific Rim

There’s no doubt that the first official trailer for Pacific Rim peaked a lot of people’s interest. What’s not to like about giant robots battling out with humongous monsters to save the

Valve’s Big Picture Mode out of Beta

Alright you Steam fanatics, now anyone with a Steam account can try out Big Picture Mode. From December 3rd to 10th Valve is also having a sale, slashing prices up

Valve beta testing Steam on Linux

Last month Valve announced that it is going to release a beta version of Steam for Linux. It would only have 1,000 openings for experienced Linux users to help debug

This is no ordinary Portal gun

You can’t say you are any type of geek unless you’ve seen or played at least one of the Portal games from Valve. This mind-bending and sometimes frustrating puzzle game

Full-scale Portal turret

Have you been messing around with portals? Do you find yourself yelling “in the name of science” as a warning to others around you? If you have, then you’ve probably

Steam Big Picture Mode is LIVE!

Valve has been giving more and more details about Big Picture Mode in the last months. Now you can download the beta trial. This is Steams TV – a friendly

Steam Greenlight brings developers and gamers together

Steam Greenlight is a new type of community discussion group that will help bring new games to the Steam marketplace. This is great news for gamers and developers alike. As

Valve’s new Greenlight like Kickstarter, helps indies take off

Most companies, I’m sure, like to keep their catalogue of games neat and tidy (well, most of them, but we won’t name names). Customers need to have good experiences on

TF2 Mann vs. Machine update is live

Tonight’s the night! The Mann vs. Machine update is now live, and hordes of evil robots are waiting for you to tear them a mechanical new one. So what the

Steam Subscriber Agreement now blocks class action lawsuits

In an unexpected move, Valve has updated their Steam Subscriber Agreement to block class action lawsuits against the company. The people behind Half-Life and Team Fortress, however, claims to have