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Hikaru Utada and Skrillex’s Kingdom Hearts III opening song, ‘Face My Fears’ now available

Kingdom Hearts III is almost here! The hype is building up with the game’s release, and today Hikaru Utada drops her Face My Fears EP featuring songs from the game. Hikaru

Utada Hikaru has started work on Kingdom Hearts III music

Some of the best things about the Kingdom Hearts games were the theme songs by Utada Hikaru. We’ve had the catchy “Simple and Clean/Hikari” from Kingdom Hearts and “Sanctuary” from

Square Enix launches concert series dedicated to Kingdom Hearts music

For years, Square Enix has taken the iconic music of the Final Fantasy series all around the world with a live orchestra featuring special guests including original Final Fantasy composer Nobuo

Hikaru Utada will perform the theme song of Kingdom Hearts III

♪ MAH SANCTUAAARAAAAAH ♫ ♪ MAH SANCTUAAARAAAAAH ♫ Great news for all you Kingdom Hearts fans out there. It was just confirmed today that Hikaru Utada will be once again be doing the main theme song

Hikaru Utada Goes on Indefinite Break

Singer-Songwriter Hikaru Utada announced recently that as of 2011, she will be going on break from her musical career for an undetermined amount of time. Utada has explained on her