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KontrolFreek Omni Thumbsticks, Gaming Cable, and Performance Grips (Review)

When it comes to gaming on a console, there are tons of accessories available. However, the question to whether they actually help you game better or improve your gaming experience

Volutz Equilibrium Series: USB-C and Micro USB Cables (Review)

USB cables are a dime and dozen, and when they start adding up, your work area or room can start to look messy. With so many cables lying around, it

TechOrbits introduces wireless charger with 8 USB charging ports

As wireless technology becomes more and more common, it comes to no surprise that wireless charging would be the next wave of technology to come. It’s not technically new but

What’s the Wankband?

If you think the good ol’ people at PornHub were just a one trick pony, think again. Their scientists have been hard at work on a project that just might change and

Review: Accell Powramid power strip

If you’re like me you have power strips daisy-chained just to gain an extra spot for your USB charger. Well, thanks to Accell you do not have to worry about

Mimobot USB Sticks: Lincoln & Washington

Need some portable space but want a little style? Perhaps you’re feeling a little patriotic as well? Whatever the case may be, Mimobot has come out with a new set

CES: Mimoco making it easy to carry around Elvis and MLP

At CES 2013 Mimoco announced the next upcoming additions to the Mimoco line up for 2013. Their big announcement was that an Elvis version will be made including a Limited

Review: Mimobot and Uglydoll Collab USBs

With the age of the CD slowly drawing to a close, USBs are quickly becoming the new standard of information storage. With some ranging into the Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes) range

Bracketron’s Dual USB Car Charger Review: Twice the Power and Speed

So many products for your car, and so many companies out there making the same thing. It has been really difficult to choose the right item that gives you what