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Fun.com’s New Ugly Christmas Sweaters: The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Harley Quinn

For many, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters is a time-honored tradition during the holidays, and there are many selections out there. Fun.com has new designs for the 2021 season including The

Check out these 2019 Ugly Christmas Sweaters from Fun.com

The holiday season is here, and one way to celebrate the festivities is by wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters. These are tacky sweaters with a Christmas twist, and it’s become a

Awesome ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ apparel available

With a new Star Wars movie coming out this December, that also means that new gear is coming out. Merchoid, an online retailer, has some Rogue One-themed shirts for pre-order for the upcoming movie.

Not so Ugly Christmas Sweater

So the guys over at uglychristmassweater.com were put to the test as I fashioned one of their products to a gathering of friends. A 100% acrylic cardigan was the ugly Christmas