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Twitch Prime offers its first non-game loot with free Crunchyroll Premium membership

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to anime. The anime streaming service’s constant goal to provide the best in anime has garnered

Mike Ross announces that he is no longer with Twitch

Long before Mike Ross began working for Twitch back in 2014, he was a well liked and very well known player, especially in the original Street Fighter IV release where

Twitch announces benefits for Amazon Prime members

Ever since Amazon bought Twitch, the world’s largest livestreaming platform, we’ve been wondering how their relationship would work. Today at Twitch Con 2016, our questions have been answered in the

Shaquille O’Neal will take on a pro gamer in Street Fighter V at Twitchcon

TwitchCon 2016 will be held next week in San Diego, California, and will see Panda Global’s Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal appear on stream to talk about

Upcoming Sonic announcement live on Twitch July 22nd!

Remember a while back when Sega announced that there would be a new Sonic item in the works? Well now you’re gonna be able to see what it finally is this

The ‘Beast’ Diago Umahara is now working for Twitch

The “Beast” Daigo Umehara is now part of the Twitch team, which he revealed is a recent stream on his Twitch channel. While being one of the best Street Fighter

Razer’s first capture card is a great upgrade for streamers (review)

It’s become easier than ever to share your gaming content on the internet thanks to services like Twitch.TV and Youtube. With very little effort and money you can start your

Twitch streamers can now use ‘Clips’ to share streams through social media

Twitch has announced today, via a blog post, that users can now create 30-second videos, known as “Clips” and share them via social media. The 30-second videos will be triggered

Twitch user suspended for ‘flashing’ during stream

LegendaryLea, aka Lea May, is a popular California Twitch streamer. She got in trouble from the streaming site because she was accused of showing her vagina to her fans. Waifu

TwitchCon 2015: New features coming to XSplit

XSplit is one of the leading resources for streamers to be able to easily and professionally stream and take their channels to the next level. After talking to the CEO

Can Twitch beat Dark Souls 2?

Dark Souls is a game that has always held a special spot in my repertoire of completed titles. It took nearly three weeks to finish the game on the first

The first ever TwitchCon is happening

This weekend hundreds of Twitch streamers will be descending upon San Francisco for the first TwitchCon. Twitch announced that it will be hosting its own convention dedicated to its streamers

Top 3 adult Hearthstone streamers on Twitch

Hearthstone drama has been the most interesting development in the streamer scene this past year, immortalized by Youtubers such as Nymh with the series “Radio Kappa”. This drama among streamers, while similar

An open letter to Jimmy Kimmel on his video game joke

An open letter to Jimmy Kimmel: Hey Jimmy, First off, let me just say that you are by far my favorite late night host. And I say that only so you

Nerd Reactor teams up with GorillaWolf

GorillaWolfGaming is a new asset to the gaming world. Two boys, the founders of the group, go by the name of James and Dom and have created their own outlet

Hatred and other adult only games banned from Twitch

Twitch is getting more strict on what can and can’t be played on the popular video game streaming service. Now it has forbidden gamers to stream adult only games (based on

Silicon Valley cast to visit Twitch HQ in San Francisco

While others may be anxiously awaiting the return of dragons and their mothers, no show’s impending return has me more excited than Season 2 of HBO’s Silicon Valley. I’ve already gushed about

Twitch to have its own convention with TwitchCon 2015

Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform for gamers, has announced that it will be having its own convention called TwitchCon 2015. It will be held at the Moscone Center

Why I love Twitch

In 2011, Twitch.tv, better known as Twitch, was announced as a subsidiary to Justin.tv.  It was then that video game broadcasting started to take notice amongst Youtubers, bloggers, and/or video

Watch fish play Street Fighter II

This…is…like the best thing ever. For those of you tired of watching humans competing against each other in a game of Street Fighter II, prepare for a new breed of players.

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