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Playstation All-Star Battle Royale announced

  It has been nearly 13 years since Super Smash Bros. made its debut in the video game world. To be precise it was exactly 13 years to the date

Sony All-Star Battle Royale to tease on Thursday?

This past weekend Goeff Keighley tweeted that there would be an exclusive trailer on Thursday for GTTV. Now it’s looking like that trailer will be for the new PlayStation All-Star

Sweet Tooth has a heart…well sort of, in Twisted Metal: Be Mine

Usually on Valentine’s Day, people give roses, maybe some chocolates and even a nice dinner. Sweet Tooth isn’t accustomed to these sort of things, he’s more of a blood, death

4-Player Syndicate and Twisted Metal Demos Available Now

Soul Calibur V and Never Dead just released today, but if you’re not in the buying mood, that doesn’t mean that you’re out of options regarding new things to play.

It’s Going to Be a Highway in Hell with Sweeth Tooth This Month

That’s right guys and gals. Sweet Tooth is readying the multiplayer demo for Twisted Metal (the 8th in the series) this January 31, 2012 for PlayStation 3. You’ll get a

Twisted Metal – Blow Your Significant Other to Smithereens on Valentine’s Day

Twisted Metal release date announced and trailer sneak peak!

Intense Twisted Metal Trailer, ‘Broken’, Reveals October 4th Release Date – Also, David Jaffe Speaks

Twisted Metal just got a new trailer, and boy is it intense. The rock pumps vigorously while various acts of vehicular carnage flash by onscreen. We get a look at