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Let’s get ready for Twin Peaks season 3

As we get close to the end of the month, we get closer to the release date of season 3’s premiere for Twin Peaks. It’s coming up quick, and I’m

Date for Twin Peaks season 3 finally announced

The long awaited return of the David Lynch’s cult classic Twin Peaks is almost over! The new season will premiere on Showtime May 21st at 9pm with a two-hour special.

Five detective movies you need to watch

I feel as if as time goes by, we get more and more detective/noir-related TV shows and movies like Jessica Jones, Exposed, and so many more. That’s certainly not a bad

The cast of Twin Peaks wants David Lynch back

Ahhh, Twin Peaks, the show that inspired video games like Silent Hill and Alan Wake. David Lynch, co-creator of the show, was working on new episodes for Showtime; however, things went

Twin Peaks’ budget has David Lynch bailing

David Lynch was attached to direct and co-write the Twin Peaks revival series. The nine-episode show was to be aired on Showtime in 2016. However, plans are changing due to Showtime not