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New Godzilla TV spot!

What better way to start the day than than with some death and destruction in the new Godzilla TV spot. In the new video, we get a little more info on the story

New TMNT spot reveals first look at Splinter

I just can’t anymore with this film. I am just done with the “Bay Turtles.” First no Oroku Saki, then weird turtle designs, Megan Fox and now this! Game over, man!

Man of Steel: TV Spots

The 9th TV Spot for Man of Steel has been posted by Warner Bros. I’ve listed all the TV spots and trailers for everyone to see it at once. Man

Diablo 3 TV spots and launch events

  There’s less than two weeks left before the hordes of Burning Hells are unleashed upon the Earth. They have already started to make their presence known. They have started