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Fallout 4 DLC ‘Automatron’ gets a new trailer

Excited about re-entering the wasteland in Fallout 4? Who isn’t? Especially now that the new trailer for the expansion pack “Automarton” just came out! At first glance, the story seems

Fans recut Ghostbusters reboot trailer and it actually looks… good?

Since the trailer for the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters was released, it hasn’t exactly been met with a lot of praise. I think it’s fair to say that most people

Trailer for Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2 released

The PV trailer for the second of the six-part Digimon Adventure tri. has been released! Part 2, called Ketsui (Determination), features Mimi Tachikawa and Joe Kido’s realization that they must fight, with

The Originals season 3 trailer – ‘You will all fall’

  By Jes Vu Freya’s words already does not bode well. The Originals season 3 trailer finally makes its splash on the web. With the Mikaelson siblings’ parents laid to rest

New Netflix series gets a beautiful fan trailer

A Series of Unfortunate Events was recently announced as a new series to be released on Netflix. As exciting as that is, there hasn’t been any more news on the

Randall Park and Steve Agee team up in the horror-comedy Amigo Undead

Who doesn’t love a good, bloody horror-comedy starring comedic actors Randall Park (The Interview, Fresh Off The Boat) and Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) as brothers fighting against an

Salem 02×05 ‘The Wine Dark Sea’ trailer: Mary and Countess Marburg finally meet!

The last episode had Mary finding out about Countess Marburg through Anne’s Book of Shadows. Now, it’s time for the Queen witches to finally meet. Mary isn’t afraid of Countess

Orphan Black has a second Season 3 trailer

The new Orphan Black trailer just has created shock and excitement over what’s going to happen this season. As the cast and crew have stated, this season will be darker and

Salem season 2 full trailer features a witch war, skeletons, and the undead

Salem’s second season promises to deliver strong dialogue and intense storylines and they are making good with the horror, gore, and shock value just based on the trailers. WGN America

Salem Witch War – Trailer 2 breakdown

We break down the new Salem trailer because it is filled with more NEW information for this season! This is all speculation and some knowledge based on the information given

Breakdown of ‘The Flash Paleyfest’ trailer

Breaking down the trailer can provide a lot of answers to unknown questions and potential spoilers… we, at Nerd Reactor, need to know the truth – what’s going on? The

‘Unfriended’ trailer: The Internet is your enemy

With the many horrors of the Internet – cyberbullying, cyberstalking, doxxing, etc, Universal Pictures and MTV decided to make it into a horror movie. What would happen if I Know What You

Doctor Who Christmas Special ‘Last Christmas’ official TV trailer

Doctor Who‘s official Christmas Special trailer has been released and it shows us a little more than the teaser. Clara and the Doctor are reunited and heading to the North

‘Into the Woods’ finally has a trailer with singing!

We didn’t get to hear any singing in the teaser trailers for Into the Woods – just “I wish.” Now, we can hear more singing, especially Meryl Streep’s lovely voice

The Minions trailer is here!!!

The Minions trailer is here! Starring Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, the minions go out to search for a villainous master! It’s set 42 years BG (Before Gru). They eventually end

Doctor Who: S8E9: ‘Flatline’ trailer

Looks like Clara is having a bit of fun with the sonic screwdriver on the next episode! In the trailer, she is impersonating the Doctor. Why? They’ve been separated in

Doctor Who: S8 E2: ‘Into the Dalek’ trailer

The second episode ‘Into the Dalek’ for the 8th season of Doctor Who has released their trailer. It aired after the season premiere. The Doctor will be dealing with his

Sharknado 2 trailer…it exists

Remember Sharknado? You know, the movie about a tornado/hurricane that picks up a bunch of sharks and tosses them all around L.A.? Well, it did so well that a sequel

Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer looks kickass

What happens when you mix the brain power of Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar with Watchman’s Dave Gibbons with X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn… you get this fantastic movie called

First full ‘Interstellar’ trailer is out and it looks amazing

The first full trailer to Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is out and it provides more detail on the story than the teaser. The Earth is dying and the world is running