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IOYS Studio creates 3D figurines of your photos

Looks like the selfie game has gone up another notch. Social media has pretty much encompassed a majority of our lives and there’s nothing more cliche about social media than

New Batman v Superman toys are here

It’s a new year and it’s going to be a great year for superhero films. The first one of which I am extremely excited for is the new Batman v

Star Wars toys: ‘Jedi Force Levitator’ review

In order to be a Jedi, it takes a lot of practice to have control of the Force. Not only does it take practice, but it also takes SCIENCE. That’s

Star Wars toys – The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience

It seems like holograms are the latest rage for toys, especially for Star Wars fans since holograms are used throughout the films. They are used to send messages, look at

Star Wars toys: ‘Jedi Holocron’ review

Uncle Milton loves their trivia and Star Wars! What about combining the two into the ultimate guessing game – Star Wars Jedi Holocron. This is basically 20 Questions, but all

The top 5 toys at Sac Gamers Expo

Did you miss out on Sac Games Expo (SGE) this past Sunday? It was certainly the place to be at for all your holiday fun and toy needs. Friends, gamers,

Nerd Reactor reviews Avengers: Age of Ultron toys

With the success of Avengers Age of Ultron, Disney Consumer Products released several toys for the franchise with Hot Wheels. Nerd Reactor got to play with the Hot Wheels’ Avengers

Disney introduces Playmation

Disney has always encouraged everyone to explore their imagination, to play no matter your age, and to dream big. Now that Marvel and Lucasfilm are under the Disney banner, the possibilities

Life-size Hulkbuster could be yours for just $21,500

One of the key Avengers: Age of Ultron images that has every fanboy drooling is the fight between the Hulk and Iron Man’s Hulkbuster. The Hulkbuster suit was especially created as

Funko POP! figures will finally feature ‘Doctor Who’

Funko POP! Figures just released the photos of their next POP! figures that will be released in the summer – Doctor Who characters! This June, we will be seeing the

Hasbro to release ridiculous customize-your-own Lightsaber set

If you happen to be one of the people pissed off at the crossguard lightsaber in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, prepare to be more enraged. At the New York City

First official look at Jurassic World T-Rex Lego Set

A few months back, we posted a leaked image of the D-Rex in Lego form from the upcoming Jurassic World. Now thanks to a French Jurassic Park Lego fansite called Jurassic

Disney Unwrapped: Holiday gifts you could get now!

The holidays are coming up and I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about gifts, but Disney has decided to release some of their potential holiday gifts to

Anime Bento – A little bit of Japan every month to your door

During Anime Expo, I always spend the first day walking around the exhibit hall and picking up any awesome items I don’t normally see for my collection. I found myself in

NECA unleashes first look at Godzilla

Don’t you just wanna pick him up and take him home? <3 Infamous collectible maker NECA revealed the first look of their officially licensed Godzilla figure from the upcoming Gareth

New Winter 2014 Wonder Festival Exclusives from Good Smile Company

This past week, toys and figure invade the bi-annual Wonder festival! Japanese collectible toy maker Good Smile Company leads the charge with seven new figures for us to enjoy this

New Doctor Who toys to be released!

A new range of Doctor Who toys will be released later this year. It features figurines from the last two episodes – the 50th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor

Pirates, princesses, & the gender conundrum

io9 posted a piece earlier this week, which detailed a recent episode of Kevin Smith’s podcast “Fatman on Batman” in which writer Paul Dini (Batman the Animated Series, creator of

Skylanders – What’s new in SWAP Force

$1.5 billion in retail sales, Skylanders has become one of the most successful franchises, fusing collectible toys that you can interact with. Developed by Vicarious Visions, SWAP Force is the next edition of

Disney Infinity announces new characters including Sorcerer Mickey

During the D23 Expo, Disney announced the upcoming additions to the Disney Infinity game including 11 new characters and a brand new playset. The next Play Set announced is Toy