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Drone police launching to clamp down on crime

Two years ago, the Nerd Reactor crew went to CES and saw a rise in a technological product: consumer-grade aerial drones. While it did not take hold of the public’s

Japanese Godzilla movie starts filming in Tokyo

On Sunday, Twitter user tweeted out a shot of Japanese people running through the streets of Kamata, a neighborhood in Tokyo. Usually this would be a cause for alarm, but

Godzilla is now a resident of Japan? Oh my!!

Our favorite giant monster, Godzilla, has been around for a quite some time and it looks like Japan has finally recognized him as a citizen and appointed him as tourism ambassador.

‘Laputa’ spell recognition amulet set to release in July

Do you like Hayao Miyazaki? Or just any one of his anime movies that people never shut up about? Maybe you’re just a fan of that giant floating castle and

Macross exhibit open in Japan

If you will be visiting Japan and are a big fan of Macross, this is your chance to see a life-sized VF-25F Messiah from Macross F. If you’re not a fan

Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi – MERGE & What it Means for You

Reports are flooding news agencies around the world of a confirmed Sony Corp., Toshiba Corp., and Hitachi Ltd. merge of their LCD production values. With the recent disaster that is