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Behind The Scenes with South Park: The Stick of Truth

In this short clip, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker take you behind the scenes of their upcoming video game release: South Park: The Stick of Truth. The video

Nordic Games acquires Darksiders and Red Faction

THQ recently ended its auction for the remaining games that weren’t purchased during the initial buyout on April 15th. Those games included Darksiders, Red Faction, MX vs ATV, Homeworld and

Take-Two interactive picks up WWE License

As we reported earlier today, THQ’s assets were dissolved to many different video game companies. One highly profiled property that many fans were anxious to hear about was what would

Koch Media, Take-Two, Ubisoft and SEGA gets a piece of THQ

The days of THQ are truly over. From the slow sales to it recently filing for bankruptcy, it was just a matter of time. THQ tried to sell the whole

THQ bankrupt?

According to Yahoo Finance, THQ has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They are not closing down or anything like that. They’re just getting new investors to put money upfront (if

THQ giving away free copies of Metro 2033 via Facebook

It seems as though Christmas has come early! Publisher THQ is giving away free copies of their title Metro 2033 for PC in exchange for Facebook likes in an effort

WWE 13 Review: Reliving wrestling’s most defining moments

The world of video games has come along way, and so has the world of professional wrestling. In the years since the video game medium began, there has been over

Be on the cover of WWE 13

We are in the final last days before the October 30th release of WWE 13! With just little over a week of left the anticipation has reached the breaking point. New WWE Live

Play as Ryback, DDP and Goldust in WWE 13 DLC

Earlier this month, WWE Games announced their full plan for DLC in WWE 13. In these hefty Content Packs, fans will be able to play as memorable legends from the “Attitude

Stone Cold talks more on Attitude Era and the CM Punk dream match

There is one man that encompasses the very fiber of the Attitude Era, and that man is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Arguably considered the greatest wrestler of all-time, Austin was able to

Paul Heyman talks about his role with WWE ’13

The “Attitude Era” was easily one of the greatest times of the WWE. With names like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Mankind, Degeneration X and other huge

Undertaker and Paul Bearer reunite in WWE 13

We are in the final days until the October 30th release of WWE 13, and WWE Games still has a few surprises for us. Today, they have announced Alberto Del

The Kliq is back: D-Generation X joins WWE 13

Week after week, WWE Games has been announcing new additions to its “Attitude Era” Mode in the upcoming WWE 13. Recently, they have just announced that the most controversial stable

Darksiders II Argul’s Tomb Review: Let’s go grave robbing!

Darksiders II on its own is a decent, if heavily flawed, title, which we mentioned in our original review of the game last month. With the release of the Argul’s

The Rock joins WWE 13

  If ya smeeeeelllllllllllllll lalalalaaa……..oh, sorry. Just recently announced today, “The Great One” will return to the digital squared circle in WWE 13. As part of WWE 13’s new Attitude

Add some “Attitude” to your Xbox 360 avatar with WWE 13

The Attitude Era has always been highly praised as the best years in professional wrestling. The reign of Stone Cold, the tyranny of the NWO, the rise of The Rock

WWE ’13 full roster revealed, plus ‘Attitude Era’ trailer

WWE ’13 is only two months away from release, and this weekend during the Summerslam Fan Axxess event CM Punk, Lillian Garcia and Jim Ross revealed the entire roster for this year’s

Darksiders II Review: A horseman by any other name

When trying to classify a game such as Darksiders II, it can be very confusing because of just how many influences the title draws from. Do we call it an

WWE ’13 adding the CM Punk Ice Cream Bar T-shirt for pre-orders

Last year CM Punk went from WWE Champion to leader of the Nexus, and once again he’s at the center of attention in the WWE. He took it upon himself

Angels and Demons fight over mankind’s fate – Darksiders 2 trailer

While we’re all anxiously awaiting the inevitable Darksiders 2 movie starring Antonio Banderas and his lovely locks of coal-tinged magnificence, the latest Darksiders 2 trailer for the video game is

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