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PlayStation Plus members are not happy with January’s free games

PlayStation Plus members get excited to hear the announcement of the upcoming free games every month. With a new year coming, many members were hoping for some big and exciting games

This War of Mine – Suggesting video game violence isn’t realistic enough

The new video game This War of Mine aims to shatter the stereotyped war-based action games by providing the experience of war from a new perspective, and simultaneously generating new

This War of Mine (PC review)

“Day 10: It’s been a harsh winter and we’ve continued to weather out the cold inside our shelter. Marin’s illness is getting worse as the days pass without any medicine

E3 2014: This War of Mine brings civilians to war

Are you tired of war games featuring elite soldiers mindlessly killing and shooting bad guys left and right? Maybe you’re tired of following orders and trying to save the world? Perhaps This War