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Michonne’s katana training in Walking Dead

Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne in The Walking Dead, is getting ready for her role in Season 3 by training in sword martial arts. It’s cool that we finally get

Cast talk about Walking Dead Season 3, plus new footage

Check out the new Walking Dead Season 3 video featuring new footage and the cast talking about what we can expect from their characters. Rick Grimes is becoming more of

The Walking Dead is so popular, it gets its own quarterly magazine

Wow, there’s going to be a Walking Dead magazine that’s dedicated to everything Walking Dead, from the TV show to the comic books. That’s how you know when a property

Get ready for The Walking Dead Season 3 with a new poster

AMC has released a new poster key art for The Walking Dead Season 3. Yep, there’s Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) on top of a prison bus. Who or what is

The Walking Dead – Episode 3: “Long Road Ahead” is now available

If you happened to blink yesterday, then you probably missed the announcement that Telltale Games released Episode 3 for The Walking Dead on the PlayStation Network. Telltale announced the news

The winners for the Walking Dead Season 2 Blu-ray contest announced

Since we’ve received a lot of submissions for the contest and I’m getting ready to leave for Dragon*Con tomorrow, I’m going to have to randomly choose two winners for this

Episode 3 of TellTale’s The Walking Dead might be available next week?

Are you ready for another emotionally exhausting adventure through TellTale’s The Walking Dead? I sure as hell am not. If you happened to stomach through the last 2 episodes you

NR Contest: The Walking Dead Season 2 Blu-ray

Alright you Walking Dead fans out there, we have partnered up with AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment to help out with our contest where two winners will be chosen to

AMC sends zombies to attack New York City to retaliate against DISH Network

If you use the Dish Network to watch The Walking Dead, then you probably know that you’re shit out of luck once Season 3 hits in October. The Dish Network

New Area 51 AMC series is being developed by Walking Dead producer

Get ready to be burned out on Area 51 in 2013. Earlier this year it was reported that the people who brought you Paranormal Activity are working on a new

Telltale announces more episodes of The Walking Dead and comments on Activision upcoming title

Telltale games just recently released Episode 2: Starved for help, 2 of 5 episodes scheduled to be released this year. The developer also recently confirmed that they would be releasing

Guess who might be back on Season 3 of The Walking Dead?

Seems like AMC is not shying away from letting out any spoilers from Season 3 of The Walking Dead. Just last week, it was revealed that everyone’s favorite racist redneck,

‘The Walking Dead’: The Hyundai Elantra Zombie Survival Machine & season 3 previews

The Walking Dead: The Hyundai Elantra Zombie Survival Machine & season 3 previews

Merle Dixon is back in The Walking Dead Season 3

Fans of The Walking Dead show have been speculating whether Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker), brother of Daryl Dixon, will ever make an appearance on the show after being abandoned on

The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira as Michonne revealed

The best part of The Walking Dead season 2 for me was when Michonne shows up to save Andrea from being zombie dinner. Her addition adds some spice to a

Zombie apocalypse during San Diego Comic-Con

  During San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Petco Park will be turned into a scene straight out ofThe Walking Dead. Petco Park will be turned into an obstacle course, but not

Telltale’s The Walking Dead takes the #1 spot on Xbox Live Arcade

Major Nelson has just recently released the Top Purchased Games on Xbox Live Arcade and Telltale’s The Walking Dead is at the top of the list. Recently we reviewed the

XBLA Review: The Walking Dead: Episode 1 – A New Day

To say the stakes are pretty high for a Walking Dead video game is an understatement. The comic book series continues to be a month-to-month Top Ten Bestseller, and AMC

The Los Angeles Times Third Annual ‘Hero Complex Film Festival’

The Los Angeles Times Third Annual ‘Hero Complex Film Festival’

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Recap

The Nerd Reactor crew takes a look at the last episode of the Second Season of The Walking Dead. With Shane and Dale gone, the group struggles to figure out