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The Forever Purge – Blu-ray Review

When I reviewed The Forever Purge back in June, I said, “like Night of the Living Dead, The Forever Purge uses the socio-political climate of today and comments on it through the

The Forever Purge Review: A Not-So-Subtle Cautionary Tale

In 1967, civil rights activist H. Rap Brown said that violence “is as American as cherry pie.” He also explained that violence is a necessary form of self-protection in a

The First Purge – 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

The Purge franchise is kind of a conundrum. The premise for The Purge has always been interesting but they’ve always been a hit or miss in terms of quality. Sadly,

The Purge: Election Year gets a new teaser trailer

In an eerie new teaser trailer that pretty much hits the election zeitgeist right on the head, The Purge: Election Year released a new trailer that perfectly lampoons the frequent election

New The Purge: Election Year trailer released

Blumhouse has just dropped the very first trailer for a all new Purge film. The Purge: Election Year seems to be a direct sequel to The Purge: Anarchy. Frank Grillo returns

The Purge: Breakout – The hardest Halloween game you will ever play

For 12 hours every year all crime is legal, including murder. Unlike last year’s Purge experience, The Purge: Breakout, a challenging half murder mystery, half haunted maze experience where the game

The Purge: Breakout comes to L.A. this Halloween season

I’m a fan of horror experiences, and Los Angeles is definitely the place to be when the Halloween season hits. From interactive theatre experiences like Delusion to haunted attractions like Knott’s

The Purge Review – A theatrical and interactive Halloween maze

Halloween has changed a lot throughout the years, especially when it pertains to entertainment venues that are used to scare the crap out of us. In fact there are A

Does The Purge marketing campaign have the potential to go horribly wrong?

I have a degree in advertising and marketing. It’s what I thought I wanted to do when I was in college. It’s ultimately not where I ended up, but I