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Can video games be TOO cinematic?

Before we get into the topic of cinematic games, let’s talk about The Order: 1886 which was released as a PS4 exclusive in February, and let me tell you it

The Order: 1886’s visuals are great, but the gameplay is receiving mixed reactions

The Order: 1886 is the latest anticipated PS4 game coming this Friday, February 20th. Gamers have been impressed with the graphics from the previews, but reports of the game being

Watch the first 25 minutes of The Order: 1886, plus launch trailer

The Order: 1886 is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 on Friday, February 20th, and we have two new videos for you. One is the launch trailer showcasing the action,

The Order: 1866 has only 5 hours of gameplay?

The Order: 1886 is a highly-anticipated game exclusive to the PlayStation 4 that’s coming out this Friday. Outlets can’t release their reviews yet until the embargo lifts, which is Thursday.

New The Order: 1886 video showcases character technology

The Order: 1886 has a new video featuring behind-the-scenes with the Ready at Dawn Studios developers and cast members. The team talks about the technology that goes behind creating its

Jada’s top 5 anticipated games of February 2015

February is a month when we celebrate many, many things. While this month is important for Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and multiple president’s birthdays, it also has a pretty

The Order: 1886 devs talk about bringing the game to life

Check out this new behind-the-scenes video for the PS4-exclusive game, The Order: 1886. If you’re a fan of beautiful-looking games, then definitely check this out. The developers at Ready At

Weekend BANG! Episode 24: Innovation BANG! pt.1

What is crackin’ people, Sir Aaron Carter dropping another episode on you. This weekend we be talking ’bout innovation. That’s right here at the Bang studios we feel there isn’t

E3 2014: Hands-on impressions with The Order: 1886

This was definitely one of the games I was very excited to see more from at this year’s E3 Expo. The new Ready At Dawn game generated huge amounts of

E3 2014: The Order 1886 Collector’s Edition and release date revealed

The Order 1886 release date has been revealed, which is February 20, 2015. Another piece of news that was released, was that both EU and NA players will get a

The Order: 1886 gameplay has some jaw-dropping graphics

With the Xbox One and PS4 out, we’re getting some cool “next-gen” games, but the visuals have yet to wow me in terms of big leaps from the past gen

ICYMI: What you should know this week, February 21 2014

‘Fantastic Four’ reboot has been cast! We know you’ve been dying to see which actors will join the film reboot of the Marvel comic. Luckily for you, the cast was

New trailer for PS4 game, The Order 1886

The Order 1886 is one of my highly-anticipated releases for the PlayStation 4. Ever since that teaser they showed during E3, I have been waiting eagerly for any new news