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The Long Dark Early Access First Look

After surviving a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness, you strive to survive against nature itself in a long and lonely journey. The Long Dark, by Hinterland Studio, leaves you stranded

Videogame BANG! Episode 53: Game Dev Special w/ Raphael Van Lierop

Hold on to your hats, people, because we have a new episode of the Videogame BANG! that is already an instant classic. We are focusing this week on game developers,

‘The Long Dark’ finally crash lands on Steam!

Perhaps one of the most innovative indie survival games that you never heard of has officially crash landed on Steam today. The Long Dark from Hinterland games is the product

The Long Dark gets some new screens

Hinterland Studio has just released the first screenshots for its upcoming survival game, The Long Dark. The game will have you survive in the wild while utilizing a unique visual

David Hayter and Jennifer Hale join Hinterland’s ‘The Long Dark’

Hinterland has succeeded in reaching its Kickstarter campaign of $200,000. Even with its success, that’s not stopping the studio from announcing more amazing news. The studio recently announced that voice

Survive in a post-disaster world in The Long Dark, a first-person simulation

Hinterland Studio, a team comprised of ex-Relic, BioWare, Riot, and Volition devs, is developing a new game called The Long Dark. It’s a first-person post-disaster survival simulation with a unique