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The King of Fighters XIV set for a PC release

Since its release back in August, The King of Fighters XIV has been an exclusive title on the PlayStation 4. Well, that’s about to change as SNK recently announced on Twitter

King of Fighters XIV introduces two new mysterious characters for Team China

Tung Fu Rue at one time trained Geese Howard and Jeff Howard, however, when Geese killed Jeff in jealousy, Tung decided to never take another disciple ever again. Tung Fu has the

Geese Howard returns in The King of Fighters XIV

SNK and Atlus USA have released a new trailer for the King of Fighters XIV. It focuses on Team South Town and is composed of Geese Howard, Billy Kane, and

The King of Fighters XIV coming to PlayStation 4

The next installment of the King of Fighters series has been confirmed, and it’s now going full 3D. During the PlayStation press conference at Tokyo Game Show, we got our