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More Dwarf Images Popping Up: Oin and Gloin

Yesterday we saw the dwarves Nori, Ori and Dori from the upcoming The Hobbit movie, now we have two new dwarves images, John Callen as Oin and Peter Hambleton as

First Look at the Dwarves Dori, Nori and Ori from ‘The Hobbit’

Here’s your first look at the dwarves who will be traveling alongside Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) in The Hobbit. We get to see Jed Brophy as Nori, Adam Brown as

Richard Armitage, AKA the Dwarf Thorin, Talks About ‘The Hobbit’ Movie

Richard Armitage plays Thorin Oakenshield, one of the dwarves who help Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, on his adventure. Here Richard talks about how the dwarves and their race will have

More New Gandalf and Bilbo Images for ‘The Hobbit’

Here are new pics for The Hobbit. We’ve seen Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf pics before, but here’s different new pic of the wizard and the hobbit. Gandalf is still smoking

Gandalf the Grey and Bilbo Baggains on the Cover of Empire

Check out the new cover of Empire with Ian McKellen as the younger Gandalf the Grey (yeah, he still looks the same). Also on the cover is Martin Freeman as

New Official ‘The Hobbit’ Photos of Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey

Thank the elves that Peter Jackson is doing another Tolkien movie. I’m already feeling the hype for The Hobbit after already watching The Fellowship of the Ring extended last week

Evangeline Lilly and Barry Humphries Join ‘The Hobbit’

Kate (Evangeline Lilly) from Lost and Dame Edna (Barry Humphries) are joining the cast in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. Evangeline will be playing a woodland elf from Mirkwood named Tauriel, who was

The Archer and Smaug the Dragon Get Cast in ‘The Hobbit’

It’s been announced that Luke Evans, who’s going to be in the upcoming Immortals movie, will be playing Bard the Grim in the new The Hobbit movie. He’s destined to

Oh Gandalf: First Look at Ian McKellen from The Hobbit

Here’s a pic of Ian McKellen as Gandalf complete with 3d glasses on the set of The Hobbit. The photo was taken by Peter Jackson in Wellington. The Hobbit opens

Dwarf Actor Steps Down in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit

Actor Robert Kazinsky (EastEnders) was suppose to play Fili, the second youngest of the thirteen dwarves traveling with Bilbo Baggins as they try to stop Smaug, an intelligent and powerful

Elijah Wood on Returning to The Hobbit

Not sure how they’re going to fit Frodo into a story about Bilbo when he was younger, but he’s been cast and is excited to return to New Zealand for

The Hobbit: New Pics and More Casting News

A lot of news from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. We have two set photos of Peter Jackson inside Bag End and a nice “then and now” pic of Peter Jackson

Ian McKellen Has Seen Bilbo Baggins in 3D

Oh 3D, you’re such a peculiar beast. For one thing, it brings a whole new experience by making you feel more like you’re in the movie. And the other? It

The Hobbit Movies Titles Revealed?

A spy from TheOneRing.net has been following New Line on what movie titles were being registered. The two that were registered were The Hobbit: There and Back Again and The

The Hobbit Spy Set Photos Of…

The internet has many spies in its service. Birds. Beasts. Well one of the spies has been dispatched on the Miramar, New Zealand set construction of The Hobbit and was

The Hobbit to Begin Filming March 21

Production company 3Foot7 Ltd has announced that Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit will begin filming on March 21. Production has hit a snag when Peter Jackson was ill and had to

Gandalf and The Gang Return for The Hobbit

The Hollywood Reporter has just announced that indeed Gandalf the Grey will return to Middle Earth for The Hobbit. This announcement comes just a day after Andy Serkis confirmed he

Orlando Bloom to Return as Legolas in ‘The Hobbit’?

According to Deadline, Orlando Bloom is likely to reprise his elf role, Legolas, in “The Hobbit” film alongside Cate Blanchett. The deal is almost done and he’s going to have