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CW’s The Flash extended trailer gives us some Diggle wisdom and a glimpse of Zoom’s identity!

If you’ve been following closely to the hit DC series, The Flash, then you can probably agree with me that this show has hit new heights in the comic-to-television genre.

First photo from The Flash and Supergirl crossover

Those two emblems look pretty good together… @melissabenoist A photo posted by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on Feb 10, 2016 at 2:07pm PST Greg Berlanti has been putting together such an

First look at Jonah Hex and Connor Hawke in last night’s Flash episode?

  “Welcome to Earth-2” was a huge episode fo Flash and the rest of the Berlanti Universe. In the episode, Barry, Cisco and Harrison Wells use the Speed Canon to

Grant Gustin reveals title for Supergirl and The Flash crossover

Photo from Variety It was revealed yesterday that CBS’ Supergirl would feature a special certain someone from The CW. Grant Gustin will appear in an upcoming Supergirl episode as Barry

Justice League art reveals Cyborg and The Flash

The CW is airing a special tonight at 9:30pm PT/ET called DC Films Presents: The Dawn of the Justice League. It will be hosted by Geoff Johns and Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith will direct an episode of The Flash this season

Just announced this weekend at the Television Critics Association, Clerks director Kevin Smith will direct an episode of The Flash this season. Outside of films, Smith has had a very successful

King Shark will return in The Flash

Easily one of my favorite TV moments of 2015 was the appearance of King Shark in The Flash. His appearance was so unexpected that it left me wanting more and

Killer Frost, Reverse-Flash and Earth-2 Barry featured in new Flash promo

We’ve seen glimpses of Killer Frost, aka Caitlin Snow, in the first season finale of The Flash. Now we know she’ll be appearing in the second half of season 2

The Flash NR Podcast – S02E9 ‘Running to Stand Still’ review

We’re are back with an all-new podcast episode and a new episode of The Flash. Hot off the crossover episode, Mike, John and Robert recap the latest episode title, ‘Running

The Flash NR Podcast: S02E07 ‘Legends of Today’ review

It’s time for the Flash and Arrow crossover! On today’s show, Mike, John, Robert and Jose recap part one of the crossover titled, “Legends of Today.” A new enemy emerges and

Clip from The Flash’s crossover episode, ‘Legends of Today’

The Flash crossover episode, “Legends of Today,” is airing Tuesday, December 1st, at 8pm PT/ET. The CW has released a new clip featuring Kendra Saunders finding out that she has

The Flash NR Podcast – S02E07 ‘Gorilla Warfare’ review

We are back with an all-new podcast. On today’s show, Mike, John and Robert recap the latest episode of The Flash titled, “Gorilla Warfare.” Grodd returns and with Barry still

Arrow and The Flash crossover to feature Hawkgirl, Hawkman and Vandal Savage

The CW has released a new image and new synopsis for the next The Flash and Arrow crossover. For the image, we get to see Ciara Renée as Kendra Saunders, aka

Gorilla Grodd returns to The Flash next week (images)

The CW has released a bunch of new The Flash photos for next week’s episode, “Gorilla Warfare.” Yeah, we get to see the return of Gorilla Grodd (if that title

The Flash NR Podcast – S02E06 ‘Enter Zoom’ review

The NR Podcast is back with an all-new episode of The Flash. On today’s show, we recap the episode titled, “Enter Zoom.” In this episode, Barry Allen and friends have concocted

The Flash NR Podcast – S02E05 ‘The Darkness and the Light’ review

We’re back with another episode of the NR Podcast! On today’s show, The Flash returns with an all-new episode. Harrison Wells has returned and will have to team up with

The Flash NR Podcast – S02E04 ‘The Fury of Firestorm’ review

John returns for an all-new episode of The Flash! On today’s show, we recap the episode titled “The Fury of the Firestorm.” When we last left off, Dr. Stein had

Check out Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost on The Flash

Check out the new image (above) of Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost that was revealed during CBS’ The Talk, a show featuring an all-female panel, similar to ABC’s The View.

Connor Hawke coming to the Arrowverse

According to Comicbook.com, they’ve confirmed with Warner Brothers that Connor Hawke will be coming to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. They found this through TVline.com, which reported the casting of “an African-American or biracial male

The Flash NR Podcast – S2E3 ‘Family of Rogues’ review

Mike, John and Robert are back with another podcast and another all-new episode of The Flash. In the episode titled “Family of Rogues,” Sam Fisher himself, Michael Ironside, special guest