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CW’s The Flash gets friendzoned, plus new featurettes

The Flash is headed to The CW this fall, and we have some new video featurettes including interviews from the cast and new footage. In the first clip, we see

The Flash cameo filmed for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

One of our writers, Alger, has expressed what he thought on Warner Bros. overcrowding the superhero market. With that said, let’s add another item on the list to crowd the

Check out CW’s Fall Schedule

So the CW is quickly becoming one of my favorite channels, next to the Food Network and ESPN, of course. With it feeling like a better version of the Sci-Fi

The CW releases extended trailer for The Flash

Here it is folks, after last night’s teaser we get our actual very first look at The CW’s upcoming series, The Flash. The Flash is the latest DC superhero to make it to television,

Don’t blink: The CW releases first look at The Flash

During the season finale of tonight’s episode of Arrow, The CW has released our first look at Grant Gustin as the scarlet speedster, The Flash. We don’t get any footage from

DC Entertainment is 4 for 4 as The Flash, iZombie and Constantine are all ordered to series

Well DC fans, today is your day as The CW has announced that the Arrow spinoff The Flash and the Vertigo Comics adaptation iZombie have both been ordered to series. Both series are set to

The Flash full outfit and Speed Force teaser?

Last week we got a bit of a teaser with only a bit of the costume that Grant Gustin would be donning as Barry Allen’s The Flash. Now we get to see the

CW’s new Flash outfit teaser revealed!

Holy dog feces Batm… err Arrow! The CW’s highly anticipated new show The Flash has released a teaser photo showing Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) with the trademark Flash mask showing a much

Barry Allen gets an Arrow preview clip and reveals a superpowered villain

Photo by The CW Network This Wednesday’s Arrow is going to be big. The episode, titled “The Scientist”, will mark the debut of Barry Allen, aka The Flash. Actor Grant

The Flash episode of Arrow is filming on…

The Flash episode of Arrow is set to begin filming on September 30th on the CW. He’s planned to be on three episodes; the eight, ninth, and twentieth episode. “We’ll have to

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox review

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox poses the question, what would happen if The Flash’s Barry Allen used the speed force to run back in time and stop the death of

The Flash is speeding over to CW!

You probably didn’t know it because this news just popped up… (puts on sunglasses) in a Flash! The CW officially announced that they are green lighting an order for an

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox now available on Blu-ray and DVD

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. I had a chance to watch the flick, and me tell you, this is the edgiest DC Animated