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Hands-on with ‘Skyrim’ for Nintendo Switch

It has been nearly 6 years since Bethesda Game Studios introduced the world to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This past year, however, it has received a current-gen remaster on PS4 and

Thomas the Tank Engine terrorizes the world of Skyrim

Check out this Skyrim mod featuring the monster that is Thomas the Tank Engine. Taken from the opening of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Thomas replaces the existing dragon to

Dovahkiin goes Fus Ro Dah and arrow to the knee in this fan film

Here’s a live-action Skyrim fan film featuring Dovakhim kicking ass with his sword. Thanks to the The Dangerous Brew team, we get to see Dovahkiin (Dragon Born) go Fus Ro

Bethesda announces Skyrim: Legendary Edition for June release

Bethesda previously announced it was done with Skyrim updates and DLC. That’s not to say that they are completely done with the game. Now they have announced the Skyrim: Legendary

This Skyrim live-action music video shows how a Dragonborn is…born

Here’s a live-action music video inspired by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In the video, two bards are singing at a Skyrim tavern of the tale of how the Dovahkiin

Coco tries his hand at Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Seeing as we, the nerds, were responsible for getting Conan O’Brien back on the air. Coco has recently dabbled into doing video game reviews. While he may not be particularly

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC trailer, become a vampire (or don’t)

Alright, Skyrim fans, do you want to be a vampire, or would you rather kill vampires? Keep in mind that these are the more grotesque vampires that closely resemble a

This isn’t horse armor, it’s mounted combat for Skyrim (and free)

Don’t worry, everyone, Bethesda isn’t selling horse armor for Skyrim (this time). No, they’re adding mounted combat for free! If you think about it, it is kind of ridiculous that

Scream Dragon Shouts at your TV – Bethesda adds 200 Kinect Voice Commands to Skyrim

Bethesda has announced today that in an upcoming free update to Skyrim this month, they will be adding Kinect support with over 200 Voice Commands. Abilities included in this are

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Creation Kit and hi-res texture pack out now

The Skyrim Creation Kit, that we recently told you about, is here. I would say “finally”, but really, it surprisingly didn’t take very long at all. To spur sales along

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Creation Kit Coming Soon to Steam (Consoles Too?)

Bethesda just dropped a bomb on us in video form. PC gamers will soon get their hands on the Skyrim Creation Kit which will allow them to mod Skyrim to

The Most Perfect Skyrim Fan Film Ever from Mega64

Mega64 is usually known for making fun of video games. They’re usually known for going out into the real world and reenacting video game moments. For Skyrim, the team has

Feeling Lost? Skyrim ‘Dragon Shout App’ and Location Map are Here to Help

Oh, Skyrim, your grandiose mass has me reeling (that’s what…nevermind). Your many pastures, lakes and valleys are…many. And…you know what, Skyrim, I’m gonna’ need a map. You’re just too damn

Skyrim Review: When You Want Something less Lethal than Heroine

Let it be known now, I’m a busy guy. Between cosplay, side jobs, and taking care of a needy girlfriend, there really isn’t a lot of time in my life

Bethesda Will Patch Skyrim Soon, But They Need Your Help

Hello, Skyrimaniacs, have you ever wanted to be a game tester? Well, unknowingly, you’ve been a part of Bethesda’s game tester training simulations over the years, and with your wealth

Skyrim Glitches and Basket-On-The-Head Hijinks

The Elder Scrolls series is serious business. It is your duty to save the world from imminent danger, and no second is too unimportant that you can spend any one

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Sets Review Scores Ablaze – 9s, 10s

Oh no, did the wait for Skyrim get that much longer? I mean, here in America we only have 15 more hours to go, but still, this is just too

Skyrim’s Brutal Death Animations and Detailed World on Video

Hear ye, Skyrimaniacs, for new footage of our beloved Elder Scrolls has made itself known to us! On November 11th, 2011 there will be many an Orc slain, a dragon

Skyrim’s Choir of Vikings and 70+ Voice Actors Will Boost Your Experience

Have you ever gotten that strange vision of a choir of vikings singing in a foreign language for your brand new, highly anticipated video game? Not yet? Todd Howard has,

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ‘Making Of’ Preview

It’s almost time, Skyrimaniacs, and there’s finally more footage and artwork being released recently for what could be the best action RPG of this generation. Here’s a little sneak preview

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