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The Division 2’s next episode Pentagon: The Last Castle is available now

If there is any time to get back into The Division 2, it is now with the Pentagon being added as the next destination for Episode 2. This major title

The Division 2’s Episode 1 – D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions is now available to all players

Ubisoft has plans to keep players coming back to The Division 2, especially with the previous release of the raid mode. Earlier this week, season pass holders had the chance to

The Division 2’s 8-player raid, Operation Dark Hours, is finally coming this week

The Division 2 is the sequel to the Division, and instead of taking place in New York City like the first game, the new setting is in Washington DC. Many

Death awaits in The Division’s new trailer for Survival expansion

A few days ago, we learned that the play test servers for the upcoming Survival DLC went live. We also got more information on what to expect in the new

The Division’s Survival and 1.5 update is live on PTS

The Division has gone through a myriad of changes since its release earlier this year. While sales were booming, game mechanics and other issues plagued the game for some time.

Jake Gyllenhaal to produce and star in Ubisoft’s ‘The Division’ movie

Love it or hate it, The Division has made a lot of money for Ubisoft. The mega-popular third-person RPG shooter has made $330 million in the just five days – a

Ubisoft brings ‘Conflict’ to The Division in 1.2 update

Massive and Ubisoft have done a great job so far with The Division and keeping things fun and exciting. Well, that’s as long as you don’t get mass amounts of

The Division – Incursions update

The very first of two free expansions for The Division will be hitting Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on April 12. These Incursions add a new endgame feature, that’s similar to

Check out this fun Division fan film, The Diversion

(Photo by Steamkittens) I have been spending a lot of time with Ubisoft’s The Division this week, and with Fury Fingers, the team that brought us the action-packed and funny

Videogame BANG! Ep 125: Richard Pryor Classes

What’s up, Pizzas?! Gird your loins, because this show is going to be a little bit different than what you are used to. The Weekend Crew, David Webb and LaReesa,

Humble Bundle: Best deal on Tom Clancy’s The Division

For those of you out there who are always looking for a great deal while at the same time being a philanthropist, you are more than likely already very familiar

‘The Division’ beta extended due to high demand

Ubisoft announced yesterday that they will be extending access to the closed beta for ‘The Division’ another 24 hours due to the extremely high demand. The beta went live for

Go rogue with The Division’s Sleeper Agent Edition

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated shooter is a ways away from release, but to keep you salivating, they’ve released the details on a few different editions being released. The first is the

E3 2015: The Division gets a beta this winter and comes with two free games

The Division made an appearance again today at the Microsoft Press Conference today and boy, they have a lot in store for the game. On the stage today, Ubisoft’s Laurent Detoc

Ubisoft’s The Division to release early 2016

For those of you who are looking forward to The Division being released sooner, be prepared for disappointment. Now Ubisoft has announced that the 4-player co-op third-person shooter will be coming out in the

E3 2014: Tom Clancy’s The Division cinematic trailer

When The Division was announced last year, and it had so much hype to it. This year, they’ve brought us not only a multiplayer trailer but a new cinematic trailer as

E3 2014: Tom Clancy’s The Division gets a new MP trailer

During Microsoft’s Press conference today, Ubisoft showed off a five minute multiplayer trailer of The Division. It shows off a group of players capturing a base of operations from a

Ubisoft shows off The Division’s beautiful Snowdrop Engine

Ubisoft dropped a video on YouTube today during the Games Developer Conference detailing the new Snowdrop Engine used in the upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division. Created in-house by Massively Entertainment as

Tom Clancy’s The Division shows off next-gen Snowdrop engine

Ubisoft has revealed a new video showing off its next-gen engine, Snowdrop, during Spike’s VGX Awards (check out our thoughts here). New York City is the perfect setting to show

E3 2013: Tom Clancy’s The Division looks amazing

Ubisoft capped off their E3 2013 press conference with the unveiling of an all new Tom Clancy franchise called The Division, and I must say that they truly did save