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The Flash’s midseason finale reveals a big cliffhanger

This article will be spoiler-heavy, so turn away if you haven’t seen last night’s episode of The Flash on The CW. Barry Allen, aka The Flash, became a forensic investigator

Arrow goes up against Ra’s al Ghul in new trailer

I’ll have to admit, the third season of Arrow has been a hit and miss for me. The previous two seasons had an interesting arc with the “List” for season

The Flash goes up against ‘The Man in the Yellow Suit’ in midseason finale

Here’s the moment you all have been waiting for. The Flash will finally go toe-to-toe with “The Man in the Yellow Suit” in the midseason finale of The Flash on

First ‘official’ look at Reverse-Flash in CW’s The Flash

Reverse-Flash has made brief appearances on The CW’s The Flash. Now we get a bunch of new screenshots from the yet-to-be-released promo video for The Flash‘s midseason finale, “The Man

Check out the first clip from tonight’s Arrow vs. Flash episode

The big showdown is tonight on The CW when we finally get to see The Flash go up against Arrow. In the meantime, check out the clip from tonight’s The

See Arrow and The Flash fight each other in the new crossover trailer

Check out the new trailer released for the Arrow vs. The Flash crossover event starting on December 2nd on The CW. The two superheroes will clash due to differences. Who

Supergirl could be in the Arrow and The Flash universe

Photo manip by jeffach CBS officially announced that it’s working on a Supergirl TV series with producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash). Even though Berlanti is working on the show, it was assumed that we

Arrow to feature metahumans?

The Arrow and The Flash series on The CW are both unique. Arrow features mostly non-powered villains while The Flash has a metahuman of the week. I think the format is

Arrow and The Flash vs. Captain Boomerang photos

In part two of the Arrow and Flash crossover event, Arrow is tracking Captain Bomerang. Now he’ll have help from the Flash and his team as they visit Starling City

Arrow and The Flash fight each other in new trailer

This is the fight of the year as we get to see expert archer Arrow go up against the fastest man alive, The Flash. We get a glimpse of The Flash

Flash vs. Arrow crossover event photos

Who’s ready to see the red speedster go up against the green archer? Starting Tuesday, December 2nd, we’ll get to see Grant Gustin’s The Flash go mono y mono against

Flash and Arrow crossover event on TV Guide cover

The Flash and Arrow will be going up against each other in the upcoming crossover event, and TV Guide has a cover dedicated to that. It features Grant Gustin as The

Arrow ‘Draw Back Your Bow’ to feature an obsessive fan and shirtless Brandon Routh

With Arrow cleaning up Starling City, it’s about time he gets an admirer. The good news? She’s an attractive redhead. The bad? She’s a bit obsessive. In the next episode,

First look at Katie Cassidy as the Black Canary in Arrow

Many fans knew that someday Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) was going to don the black leather suit to become the Black Canary in The CW’s Arrow. Now The CW has released

Arrow goes after a mysterious killer in ‘Guilty’ clip

Check out the new clip from Arrow. Oliver Queen is going after latinos. Who is he looking for? A guy named Emilio Ortega, aka Paco. However, it looks like he’s

The Flash ‘Plastique’ preview photos tease Captain Boomerang

Photos by Jack Rowand Check out new photos for tomorrow’s The Flash, which airs on Tuesday, November 11th at 8pm ET/PT on The CW. In the photos, we are introduced to

The Flash defies gravity in ‘Plastique’ clip

An all-new The Flash is coming Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW. Here’s a sneak peek clip for the upcoming episode featuring Barry Allen attempting to run up a building

Ra’s al Ghul appears in latest Arrow episode, ‘The Magician’

The latest episode of Arrow just aired, and in the end Ra’s al Ghul makes an appearance in all his glory. We now get to see his face, and so

CBS’ Supergirl TV series is ready for casting

Art by Adam Hughes Greg Berlanti is a busy man. Not only is he taking care of producing Arrow and The Flash for The CW, but he’s also producing Supergirl

Preview clip for tonight’s Arrow S03E04 ‘The Magician’

An all new episode of Arrow airs tonight on the CW. If you have missed last week’s episode, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), John Diggle (David Ramsey) and Roy Harper (Colton