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Captain Cold and Heat Wave return next week on The Flash

Wow, that was an intense and crazy episode for last night’s The Flash. Read our highlights over here. So what can we expect for the next episode, “Rogue Time”? Captain Cold

The Flash reveals Reverse Flash’s true plan, and a shocking death

Wow, a lot has happened in The Flash’s 15th episode, “Out of Time.” My mind is like “WTF!” It was emotional, there were a lot of secrets being revealed, and

The Reverse Flash poster reveals he’s coming to The Flash March 17th

The Flash is returning after a short break on The CW on Tuesday, March 17th, at 8 p.m. PT/ET. We know that Liam McIntyre will be making an appearance in

Arrow and The Flash return next week on the CW

The Flash and Arrow are returning to The CW next week, with The Flash airing Tuesday, March 17th, and Arrow airing Wednesday, March 18th. Both will be showing at 8pm

Arrow’s Caity Lotz says she’ll be in spin-off series with The Atom and Firestorm

It’s reported that Caity Lotz, who played Canary in Arrow, would be returning into the CW’s DC universe. During a Fan Fest 2015 panel, Lotz said that her character will be back,

Gorilla Grodd is coming to The Flash

Gorilla Grodd has been hinted at in the episodes of The Flash. We’ve seen Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) talk to Grodd and we even saw signs of Grodd escaping from

Deathstroke to return in new Arrow episode

Deathstroke is easily a fan-favorite villain in season 2 of Arrow, and now fans should be excited to see his return in the next episode. In “The Return,” Oliver and

Arrow’s Diggle is not going to be John Stewart

There was a theory that said that John Diggle from Arrow was hinted at becoming John Stewart, a Green Lantern. Actor David Ramsey commented on it, saying that it may or

The Flash ‘Fallout’ trailer reveals time travel?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead Wow, last night’s episode of The Flash on The CW was emotional and crazy. We finally get to see Ronnie wind down, but it turns out that he’s

The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney will play a villain in The Flash

Emily Kinney is known for playing Beth in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Now you can see her in an upcoming episode of The CW’s The Flash. Who will she be

Arrow gets a dose of two ‘Canaries’ in new trailer

Spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up with the Arrow. In the last episode of Arrow, we finally have the return of Oliver in Starling City. Brick (Vinnie Jones) has

First official look at The Atom on CW’s Arrow

The CW has just released today the first look at Brandon Routh inside The Atom costume. Routh plays Ray Palmer in the Arrow series and you can see him in

Barry Allen meets a new love interest in this week’s The Flash

Check out the new trailer and clip for this week’s The Flash on The CW. In the clip, Barry meets Linda Park for the first time at a bar. Fans

Arrow ‘Uprising’ clip reveals who Brick murdered

Check out the new Arrow trailer and clip for this week’s episode. It looks like Oliver’s back, and this time The Glades will be the battleground. In the clip, we

The Rogues plan their revenge in The Flash’s midseason premiere

The Flash is returning on The CW next week on Tuesday, January 20th, at 8pm PT/ET. In the episode, “Revenge of the Rogues,” we get to see two Prison Break

Reverse-Flash identity revealed in The Flash

Major spoilers ahead. The Man in the Yellow Suit, aka Reverse-Flash, is an ongoing villain in The CW’s The Flash series. The guy is somehow responsible for the death of

Black Canary appears in new Arrow promo

Arrow is returning later this month, and to get fans hyped up, here’s a new promo. The preview features some heavy spoilers including a death of a character, Ray Palmer

Arrow to introduce the Lazarus Pit?

Stephen Amell has posted a fan-made Arrow poster on his Facebook Page, and it shows a hand holding an arrow coming out of the Lazarus Pit. He comments with “We have very clever fans.” If

Preview for Arrow’s midseason premiere

Warning: there are major spoilers here if you aren’t caught up with Arrow. Wow, last night’s midseason finale for The CW’s Arrow was a doozy. In the end, Ra’s al Ghul,

The shocking ending to Arrow’s midseason finale

It’s been a wonderful week last week with the Flash and Arrow crossover, and now it’s time to keep that momentum going. The CW has already given us an interesting