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New photo of Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent on Supergirl

Mehcad Brooks, who plays Jimmy Olsen, uploaded a photo of himself and Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman during the filming of Supergirl. In the photo you can see the old Jimmy Olsen

The Flash’s season 3 trailer shows Kid Flash and new villains

During San Diego Comic-Con, The CW released a first-look trailer for The Flash’s third season. At the end of the second season, Barry Allen decided to go back in time

Superman to finally make a proper appearance on Supergirl season 2

Superman has made many appearances on the Supergirl series, but it’s either via a blurry shot or instant messaging back and forth with Kara, aka Supergirl. Now we have news that he’ll be making

Supergirl season 2 is heading to The CW

It has been rumored that Supergirl was going to leave CBS and join The CW for the second season, according to a report by Variety. It’s a move that makes

CW’s The Flash extended trailer gives us some Diggle wisdom and a glimpse of Zoom’s identity!

If you’ve been following closely to the hit DC series, The Flash, then you can probably agree with me that this show has hit new heights in the comic-to-television genre.

First photo from The Flash and Supergirl crossover

Those two emblems look pretty good together… @melissabenoist A photo posted by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on Feb 10, 2016 at 2:07pm PST Greg Berlanti has been putting together such an

Grant Gustin reveals title for Supergirl and The Flash crossover

Photo from Variety It was revealed yesterday that CBS’ Supergirl would feature a special certain someone from The CW. Grant Gustin will appear in an upcoming Supergirl episode as Barry

Arrow midseason trailer shows the return of Roy Harper and Katana

Arrow returns with the second half of season 4 this Wednesday at 8pm PT/ET. The CW has released a new trailer showing what we can expect from the rest of

New DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ‘Nobodies’ and ‘Team’ trailers

The CW is getting ready for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this Thursday, and it has released two new trailers. The first one is the “Team” trailer that gives us quick

More DC’s Legends of Tomorrow trailers including spotlight on The Atom

The CW has released two new trailers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and a promo for a special DC hour-long presentation. The “Not Bad” trailer starts off with Caity Lotz as White

Legends of Tomorrow cast talks about Hawkgirl’s origin and more of The Atom’s powers

The Flash and Arrow have been setting up the superhero team, Legends of Tomorrow, and in the new episode of DC All Access, we get some new interviews from the

New trailer for The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow has arrived

The CW has released a new trailer for Legends of Tomorrow, a spin-off of The Flash and Arrow series featuring a team of heroes and anti-heroes including The Atom, Captain

Arrow and The Flash crossover to feature Hawkgirl, Hawkman and Vandal Savage

The CW has released a new image and new synopsis for the next The Flash and Arrow crossover. For the image, we get to see Ciara Renée as Kendra Saunders, aka

‘Arrow’ season premiere hits the target dead center (recap)

Seriously!? You’re going to end on that?! What the heck! Alright, I don’t want to jump ahead of myself, so let’s do the sane thing, and start from the beginning,

The Flash season 2 clip of ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’

The CW has relesed a new clip from The Flash, and we can see that one of the more popular storylines from the comics is coming to TV. Flash Day,

New trailer for The Flash focuses on Jay Garrick

Season 2 of The Flash is just a few weeks away, and the CW has released a new promo trailer focusing on Jay Garrick with the normal Arrow and The Flash-type intro, starting with “My

Matt Ryan to reprise his Constantine role in CW’s Arrow episode

NBC has decided to give the chop to the Constantine series. Stephen Amell, who stars as Arrow on the CW show, has expressed interest in saving the show, but that

Will CBS be okay with Supergirl crossing over to The Flash and Arrow soon?

Photo by Variety Greg Berlanti, the executive producer of the Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl series, has said before that he would like Supergirl to cross over with the likes of The

Arrow’s latest villain to be added, gives glimpse of show’s direction

Arrow had a rough last season. Let’s face it: it had a rocky beginning, somewhat hard to follow narrative during, and the ending was… well, it was a bit lacking.

Arrow vs. The Flash: Battle of the seasons

By Michael Ramey Before the season began there was a lot of hype towards the Flash television series, so there was no way of it living up to the hype,