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Dolph Lundgren talks crap on violence in The Avengers

Dolph Lundgren has had many roles throughout the course of his tenured acting career. One even being the first ever Punisher from the Marvel universe. Granted, most of the films

Peggy Carter returns in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

The sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger should be pretty interesting seeing as most of the cast from the first film will not be returning. Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee

Oscar 2013 nominations are in with Lincoln getting the most

So the Academy Awards has announced the nominees for its 2013 show, and the lineup is looking very interesting. Below are the list of nominees and my personal opinions for

Iron Man PC case mod

Iron Man – PC case mod

SHIELD TV series heads to ABC Fall of 2013, Samuel L. Jackson wanting in, and more casting news

Jeph Loeb, famed comic book writer and executive producer for the SHIELD TV show, has revealed to PREVIEWSworld when the show will debut and where. It looks like we’re going

Whedon reveals original ideas for The Avengers including Wasp and a second villain

The Hollywood DGA held an Avengers screening and Q&A where director Joss Whedon revealed his original ideas for the superhero team movie. One of the big revelations for me was that

Joss Whedon responds to TDKR cinematographer’s comment about The Avengers being ‘appalling’

Wally Pfister, the cinematographer for The Dark Knight Rises, made a comment about how The Avengers movie was “appalling” and how it made him go “bonkers. Many fans of The

Marvel’s The Avengers – 3D Blu-ray Review

Well everyone, the moment we have been waiting for is here! Marvel’s The Avengers has finally arrived on Blu-ray and DVD for our home viewing pleasure. In typical Disney fashion,

Marvel’s Kevin Feige gives his opinion on DC’s Justice League movie plans

There is no doubt that The Avengers: Phase One was a huge success for Marvel Studios and Disney. Naturally, Warner Brothers and DC are anxious to get sum-of-dat cheddar (money,

Joss Whedon talks Marvel Phase 2 and approves of James Gunn directing Guardians of the Galaxy

Since the release of Avengers, Joss Whedon has his plate full with the upcoming Marvel Phase 2 (next set of Marvel movies leading up to Avengers 2). Because of his

Jim Starlin picks Arnold Schwarzenegger as Thanos in The Avengers 2?

  Recently, legendary comic book artist and writer Jim Starlin attended this year’s DragonCon. Jim Starlin is one of the co-creators of the Thanos. Understandably, fan couldn’t help but ask

Clark Gregg responds to Vision and Avengers 2 rumors

One of the biggest moments in the Superhero blockbuster that had everyone talking was the tragic death of Agent Coulson in The Avengers. Clark Gregg had been a part of

The Avengers Phase One collector’s set to be released in Spring 2013

Looks like those of us (me being one of them) who pre-ordered the collector’s set will have to wait a few months before we get our hands on it. Entertainment

New Avengers deleted scene reveals Peggy Carter is alive?!

There is a lot of anticipation for the September 25th release of The Avengers Blu-ray. It will be the first time for many to see the highly talked about Item

Item 47 star hints a possible role in future Marvel movies

Lizzy Caplan first broke into the nerd spectrum with Matt Reeves and JJ Abram’s Cloverfield. She then appeared on HBO’s True Blood and during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Lizzy

The Avengers deleted scene: ‘Are you a big guy that gets all little?’

We’re almost a month away from the Blu-ray release of The Avengers. Here’s a deleted scene featuring Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner as he answers a question from Harry Dean

Jeremy Renner is not happy with Hawkeye’s portayal in The Avengers

If you haven’t been keeping up with current events, Joss Whedon has signed on to write and direct Avengers 2. Apparently, he will somehow be involved in a Marvel TV

The Avengers team does the Olympics

Here’s a collection of mashup artworks featuring the Marvel’s Avengers team performing different sports for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The most obvious one is Hawkeye doing archery, but artist

Angie Harmon wants to play She-Hulk

Earlier this week, Rizzoli & Isles star Angie Harmon made a guest appearance on the set of Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show, Conan. During her interview, the former Baywatch beauty

Agent Coulson gets his own Hot Toys action figure!

Look at this beauty. Here’s the The Avengers legend, Agent Coulson, as a 1/6 scale action figure, thanks to Hot Toys. We don’t get to see how his head sculpt